Why Planning Your Recruitment Strategy is Crucial to Sustain the Growth of Your Business

Any business needs a proactive long-term vision. Growth derives as much from anticipation as from efficiency, hard work and luck. Being prepared for contingencies is a key managerial skill and this extends beyond the ability to foresee trends and calculate future investment needs. The most valuable resource in any company is its personnel. With them, ideas begin and through their efforts, projects are pursued and results achieved. You are accustomed to the demands of business planning such as devising long-term trading, investment and expansion strategies but these will be largely ineffective without a recruiting strategy to give you the capabilities you need now and in the future. 

Such a strategy enables you to take the initiative. It is a clear and detailed plan which identifies not only the roles you envisage a need to fill as you expand but when and why they are likely to arise, where you will find the appropriate talent and how you will attract candidates. Benjamin Franklin said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. That is the fundamental principle of any recruitment strategy. 


What are the most important considerations of a recruitment strategy? 

You need to determine which parts of your business are most likely to benefit from taking on new employees. This is about prioritising current growth areas but also making informed projections about future opportunities, using sophisticated data analysis and market research. By identifying the most effective deployment of investment you’ll be able to put resources where they can really make a difference. 

A hiring strategy is easier to put into practice if you harness the power of attraction. However much you spend on advertising vacancies or recruitment agencies, the surest way to encourage candidates is to make your company a desirable place to work, with values and objectives any employee would be proud to stand behind. This stems from your activities and business culture of course, but you can enhance it by promoting your brand and you can do that not exclusively but to a considerable extent through clever engagement on social media. 

Presenting a powerful business proposition is essential. Even if you're not ready to expand your workforce to the extent you envisage over time, creating a strong, distinctive presence means the most talented individuals are likely to develop the ambition to join you when the chance arises. That means not just offering a desirable working environment, an inclusive culture and good rewards. Today’s talented professionals are concerned about ethics, social justice and environmental responsibility. Apart from the essential virtues of these issues, they add immeasurably to your offer as an employer. Salaries and benefits will always be significant but these are not always the decisive factors. Many of the best candidates would rather work for the right company than the one which simply has the deepest pockets. 

Word of mouth and reputation play a powerful part in the tactics of attraction so you need to develop hiring processes that are the envy of your competitors. Prompt responses, transparent communication, highly focused interviews, meaningful questions and swift decision-making will all lend weight to the idea that yours is a fair, serious, empathetic and professional organisation. 

The talent pool is finite and competition for the best people is fierce. Putting thought, time and effort into developing a comprehensive strategy now will place your company in a position of considerable advantage for the future and ensure you are not wrong-footed by the unexpected demands of growth. 


At Reuben Sinclair we have years of experience in helping clients to get their recruitment policies and practices into the best shape for embracing and exploiting opportunities for growth. Recruiting is a specialised skill and there is no reason to expect it to come naturally, which is why so many businesses have turned to us for advice and guidance. Let us help you develop the perfect strategy not just for hiring the right talent at the right time but also to prepare the ground for expansion in the medium and long term. 


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