Using Your Personal Brand To Enhance Your Career

Using Your Personal Brand to Enhance Your Career

Brand you should be the top of your priorities when looking to develop your career. Here are three top areas you should be investing time into to get the job of your dreams.

Posted by Rohan Shah, Friday August 3 2018 

Personal Branding is a powerful tactic that will enable you to develop a career within an area that you are passionate about. It’s a big subject and takes time and energy to get right, here are our team’s wise words to get you started:

Start at the end to develop your personal brand

1. The best place to start when developing your Personal Brand is at the end…you must first figure out what you want to be known for. How do you do this? Explore the areas below:

  • What you love/what you’re passionate about

  • What you’re good at/what your skills are

  • What you can make money from

The cross over in these areas is a really good place to start, you may have a few different options, so make sure that you choose the option that excites you the most.

Your digital footprint and your personal brand

2. Your digital footprint is crucial to your Personal Brand and can be your best friend or worst enemy. 

  • Get rid of any digital dirt. Open an incognito/private screen and google yourself – would you feel happy with your future employer/colleagues seeing the results? If not, delete it at its source!

  • Be consistent – is what you’ve said on your CV the same as what is on your LinkedIn profile? Recruiters and hiring managers will pick up on inconsistencies and wonder why there are differences.

  • Contribute to online communities in your field/s of interest, be useful and add value. Do this correctly and your digital personal brand will be greatly enhanced.

Your CV

3. Your CV. A study by The National Citizen’s Service revealed that it takes employers an average of 8.8 seconds to review a CV. So in this short amount of time how do ensure your Personal Brand shines through?

  • From the format, to the font, to the colours – make sure it stands out and is reflective of you.

  • Be consistent – the same as your digital footprint, make sure you’re staying true to your personal brand and professional experiences.

  • Include enough information to interest the reader but leave them wanting more. For example, if you achieved amazing results on a campaign, tell the readers the results but don’t tell them how you did it. 

The above areas are a good starting point to developing your Personal Brand and in turn progressing your career. For a more detailed guide in to the ins and outs of your Personal Brand in relation to your career, click here.


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