Is There A Perfect Time To Start Your Job Search?

Many companies tend to begin recruitment activity in the New Year. With the process typically taking [1] up to 3 months from advert launch to onboarding the new hire/s, this ties in nicely with the ability to recruit in time for the new Financial Year. Many people also begin job hunting in the New Year, often as a result of a New Year's resolution to improve their skills or their career prospects, or to make a change for the benefit of their personal circumstances.

Is Easter too late to start looking for a new job?

It is important to remember that recruitment is not typically seasonal, as businesses will launch recruitment campaigns whenever there is a need to do so. This means that if a member of staff retires or resigns and needs to be replaced, the campaign to replace them will begin from the moment that the company receives their notice of intended departure. In industries such as sales, PR and marketing, recruitment campaigns will often be launched in preparation for new product launches, to accelerate delivery timescales, to capitalise on good publicity or to acquire new clients.

So what does this mean for job hunters? Well, it's good news, actually! It means that all the time is the perfect time to start your job search. Digital marketing positions tend to be advertised when there is a need. Many wiser businesses operating within the industry use a talent attraction strategy known as continual attraction to build their presence in the lives of potential job seekers. So, by following a company on Linked In or watching their videos on TikTok, you are already beginning to develop an understanding of the culture, values and offerings of the businesses operating within this competitive marketplace.

Likewise, any businesses you engage with on social media will likely be monitoring your activity and considering whether you may be a fit for any current or upcoming vacancies in their workforce. Knowing that companies are always looking for talent stands you in good stead when you decide that the time is right for a change.

When is the right time to change jobs?

The right time to change jobs is when you decide that you want a change. You should consider your rationale to understand not only why you want to move, but to help you decide where you want to move to.

Are you unhappy in your current role? Are you feeling undervalued and overworked, or have you been overlooked for promotion? Is your pay not reflective of the effort that you put in, or do you want a role that offers more of a challenge?

Perhaps you feel as though you have reached a glass ceiling in your current organisation and that your career is stagnating because of a lack of internal opportunities for progression?

By identifying the root cause of your current dissatisfaction, you will be able to identify which opportunities will best suit you and your lifestyle, whilst helping you to achieve your long-term career goals.


You will instinctively know when the time is right to make a career move, but to ensure that the move will deliver the results that you are hoping for, you must ensure that it is a move not based on impulse but on carefully considered benefit. If you are unsure as to what role or industry is best for you, an experienced, industry-specific talent recruitment consultancy can help you.

At Reuben Sinclair, we believe that everyone deserves a role that they love and we can help you to find yours. We take the time to learn about you and your aspirations in order to help you secure a job that will meet your career objectives and personal goals. Why not call us today to start the conversation?



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