How To Redefine Employer Branding In A Post-COVID World

In recent years there has been a seismic shift in the workplace, with "furlough", "Zoom" and "remote working" rapidly becoming everyday terms. The businesses that adapted most quickly to the demands of the pandemic for a safer yet equally effective working environment are still thriving today whilst those that struggled to adapt or required significant changes to their operating model may be finding it harder to succeed in the post-pandemic world.


Some of this comes down to employer branding. The companies that are struggling now are likely to be those who did not adapt quickly enough to the demands placed upon them by compliance with COVID regulations, whose staff were dissatisfied or departed on a sour note and who have failed to adequately manage their employer branding.


Employer Branding


Unlike traditional business branding, wherein the business uses its marketing strategy to sell the benefits of its products and services, employer branding is what delivers candidate appeal to job seekers in the industry. A forward-thinking business understands that the messages that it relays are not the whole picture seen by job seekers, and that technologically literate individuals have access to a far wider range of information relating to the culture and values of that business.


A business that understands the importance of its branding and public-facing persona is one that will go the extra mile. It will ensure that the excellent culture and work-life balance that its employees enjoy is the message that is communicated, both in a deliberate and almost-accidental fashion. This includes the publication of relevant blogs, social media posts and interactions with customers in a public domain such as on Facebook or LinkedIn.


A business that understands the importance of this level of online interaction will quickly generate a following and from this following, leads will emerge. For new business, for expansion and for attracting job seekers to any roles that become available. Particularly important in a competitive jobs marketplace, maintaining a positive presence in the lives of potential applicants will set a business apart. Soft showcasing of the benefits of belonging to the organisation will resonate with job seekers who share the same values and moral standards.




Previously, a business could advertise a position and receive applicants without the need to share information about its working environment, culture, diversity statistics or output. A job spec and salary range were largely sufficient. Roll forward just a couple of short years and people now seek transparency and honesty and have placed new value upon their work-life balance and the need to maintain their mental health. A business that doesn't explain how it can support applicants to achieve their aspirations and life goals will struggle to attract the talent that it needs. Similarly, those without an active online presence will be seen by job-seekers to be secretive and potentially overlooked in the hunt for work.


For an employer to attract the talented personnel that they need to fulfil their obligations, they need to highlight the positive aspects of working for their business across a multitude of platforms. Direct and preferably unsolicited praise from existing staff and clients is a powerful message that will attract the attention of job hunters within the industry. In addition, the promotion of useful and relevant articles pertaining to the industry will see potential candidates regularly returning for updates, thus building a level of brand loyalty before they even launch a targeted recruitment campaign.


Help Is Available


Whether your business has fully adapted to the modern landscape or you need some help generating a suitable online presence, Reuben Sinclair can help you to attract the top talent in your industry. We can advise you in developing and promoting an employer brand that reflects and markets your values and culture, enabling you to hire the right people to grow your talent base. To find out how we can help your business succeed in a demanding and competitive environment, please contact us today.


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