Five Interview Questions To Ask in a Marketing Role

Reuben Sinclair is a leading recruitment agency with many years of experience supporting candidates to secure their dream roles in marketing. We know what employers are looking for from talent pools, what skills are in demand and the traits, abilities and skills the best employers are seeking in sought-after roles. As experts in the field, we are ideally placed to offer support to line up your next position. 

A crucial part of our focus involves connecting top-quality candidates with the best marketing positions. The interview process is one of the most critical stages in which this match can be verified. In our experience, one of the most exciting parts of the interview often gets overlooked by candidates, and they may find themselves missing out on those all-important job offers as a result. 

What questions should you ask as a candidate in a marketing interview?

The point at the end of the interview is when the candidate is invited to ask any questions of their own. The stage we're referring to? All too often, we hear that the most switched-on, prepared and motivated candidates didn't have anything of their own to ask and failed to demonstrate the requisite level of interest. 

If the interviewer says, 'do you have any questions for me?', the answer should always be 'yes'. And the good news is that there are standard questions you can keep in reserve if no inspiration strikes. We would always recommend having five questions ready to choose the most appropriate, based upon your discussion. Here are some examples that you could select: 

1. What are the business goals for the next 12-24 months? 

This shows that you are an ideal candidate, thinking strategically about the business rather than merely the role you are applying for. 

2. What is the biggest challenge facing the business right now? 

Similarly, this question at a job interview demonstrates that you are interested in understanding the business's competitive position and have a problem-solving mindset. 

3. How would you describe the organisational culture within the business? 

This question shows that you understand the importance of organisational culture. It allows you to talk about how you would support a positive and healthy culture with your traits. 

4. What would you see as the biggest challenges in this role? 

This is a valuable question. It forces the interviewer to be honest about the dimensions of the role and some of the inherent challenges. If you aren't 100% sure if the position is for you, this offers an excellent opportunity for a healthy, honest discussion. 

5. What sorts of opportunities are there to progress within the business? 

This shows that you are committed to the employer and are keen to progress within it. Businesses want people who intend to stay, so this can be a good angle to take, provided that you have already made it clear that you are genuinely committed to the role in question. 

You might also want to ask some more challenging questions that put the interview spotlight back on the interviewer. For example: 

- Can you tell me why the last person for this hire left? 

- What does leadership mean in your company? 

- What is the company's biggest priority - customers, revenue, employees or brand? 

- How did your company handle Covid and keep employees engaged and motivated during the pandemic? 

- What do equality and diversity look like in the business? 

- What is the highest position a woman holds in your business? [1] 

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