Avoiding Hiring Bad Managers

Avoid Hiring Bad Managers. Here are 15 Questions to Ask

According to the Huffington Post 50% of employees who don't feel valued by their boss plan to look for another job in the next year. Avoid hiring bad managers by asking them these questions at interview stage.

Posted by Rohan Shah, Managing Director, Monday May 9 2016

The Huffington Post produced the below infographic on the effect bad managers can have on employees and businesses in general.  

The interview questions below will help you to avoid recruiting any bad managers. For roles that require an element of team or line management, questions must be asked around how they deal with people and their answers should focus on giving examples of their statements.  So here are our top pick of questions to ask to help find you the most inspiring leaders who will look after your staff.

  • Describe your management style

  • Describe a time when you managed a problem with an employee

  • How do you manage the performance of your team?

  • What would your previous/current team say about your management style?

  • How do you manage underperformance?

  • How do you manage over performance?

  • What is your proudest achievement as a manager?

  • Describe a time when you believe you underperformed as a manager

  • How long have you worked as a team manager?

  • How many people report into you?

  • Describe the team culture you have fostered?

  • Describe a time when you have had to give constructive feedback to an employee

  • How do you measure your success as a manager?

  • How much leeway do you give your team to make decisions?

  • How do you cater for different individuals in your team?

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