7 Steps To Moving Up The Ladder In An Agency

We've all heard stories about how someone started their career in a junior role within a company, only to work their way up to becoming the Chief Executive in a relatively short period. 

But how exactly do people make such great strides up the Corporate Ladder? 

Career progression rarely looks the same for everyone but actively demonstrating your commitment to your career is essential, regardless of whether you take a traditional or non-traditional route. 

Here at Reuben Sinclair we can give you tangible strategies that will help you open the right doors to get where you want to be. So, here are seven steps to moving up the Ladder in your agency. 


1. Think like a Leader 

Meetings with department or company leaders can be intimidating, but if you can consistently demonstrate an understanding of the organisation and showcase your expertise in the best possible light, you'll find it much easier to make the right impression and establish yourself as someone who can be relied upon. 

A few critical skills are required here, including treating everyone in the room as a person and not adjusting your behaviour based on their role. Additionally, you will always be taken more seriously when speaking confidently, so never underplay your skills, even if you feel a bit nervous. 


2. Use data to demonstrate creative thinking 

It can be challenging to stand out in a competitive agency environment, but if you can demonstrate a commitment to going the extra mile and uncover insights from existing business data that will help inform critical business strategies ;management will see you as someone to watch for all the right reasons. 

Most recruitment firms are awash with data from applicant tracking and CRM systems, uploaded candidate CVs, third party research data and more. These systems provide valuable reporting which is often under-utilised due to pressure of work. Go the extra mile and explore this. You may unearth valuable insights and information. 

This will demonstrate to your supervisors that you are someone who has the critical thinking, analytical skills and initiative required to make an impact at the next level. 


3. Highlight significant wins 

Although there's a fine line between bragging and emphasising your successes, you should feel confident walking into every meeting or review with a selection of examples that clearly explain how you are making a tangible difference to the organisation. Keep a success file detailing your key wins and the quantifiable outcomes each one delivered. 


4. Identify efficiencies 

Business owners and management teams are always looking for ways to save time, resources and money. If you design and implement a new process, reporting structure or anything else that will make the business more efficient, your supervisors will take note. Highlight your work to your manager, being sure to set out precisely what you have created and how it will help 


5. Maximise your availability 

We're not saying that you should be working yourself into the ground here. Instead, focus on implementing an organised inbox structure that allows you to reply to messages and questions quickly and efficiently. Even if you aren't in a position to give a detailed response at the moment, sending a quick note that you have received the email and will reply within a particular timeframe will emphasise that you're engaged with your role and are a reliable point of contact. 


6. Understand the broader goals of your agency 

If you understand what your firm wants to achieve, you can learn how to position yourself to ensure that you're always at the heart of the campaigns securing investment as well as  the strategies that management teams are keeping a close eye on. 


7. Ask for input 

If you are serious about your career, actively seek help and advice from those in more senior roles in your current organisation, together with anyone with whom you have a solid connection in your own professional network. Asking for help and advice is a signal of someone who is committed to continuous improvement, most people are happy to contribute their input and guidance. Be specific and check with your line managers as to the steps you need to take in order to progress. 

If there aren't any progressive moves on the horizon at your current agency, Reuben Sinclair can provide you with the opportunities, guidance and support you need to develop and thrive professionally. Call us on 020 3826 1206 or email enquiries@reuben-sinclair.com to start the next stage of your career journey.