5 Reasons You Are Not Attracting The Right Senior PR Talent

The value of exceptional talent cannot be underestimated for your business, especially when it comes to PR staff. These individuals add measurable value to your brand by providing clear and positive messages to stakeholders in a world where communication - and image - are key. However, attracting the ideal person for both your role, and company, isn’t always easy. 

If you are struggling to secure the best PR talent for your senior team, there may be ways to improve your own employer brand and the recruitment process overall.  In today's tough markets, businesses need to approach their recruitment strategy with the same rigour they approach customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. This means developing an employer brand that resonates with your target audience and which communicates strong and compelling messages which attract talented individuals to your company. 

However, when you’re running your business, dealing with customers and looking to expansion it can be hard to keep on top of the recruitment aspects.  Which is precisely why mistakes can happen during this process. 


Five key mistakes that many brands make include: 

#1 Not having a clear vision of the sort of senior candidates they want to hire 

Vague job descriptions and unclear personal specifications wont’ appeal to top calibre candidates.  It’s important you take the time to craft a job advert and description which not only meets your specific requirements within the organisation, but will speak to the ideal candidates who have the depth and range of skills you require. 


#2 Failing to have a clear employer brand 

It’s important to remember that the recruitment process is a two-way affair; candidates need to prove they are the right fit for the job, but you also need to demonstrate why you’re the best employer for their next career move. Having a clearly defined and well implemented employer brand helps with this as it will ensure your organisation is already on people’s radars even before they actively start job hunting. 


#3 Having an uncompetitive benefits package 

If you want to attract the best talent, you need to offer a competitive package to entice them away from your competitors.  This doesn’t always mean simply offering the highest salary, but adding in non-monetary benefits as well, such as flexible or hybrid-working as well as health insurance or gym membership. 


#4 Not having a plan for the future 

Every business should have an eye on the future, in terms of goals, but what about your staff?  If you don’t have a history of developing your staff and promoting from within, there is always a chance high quality candidates will look elsewhere.  People want to feel there is a chance for progression and their employer’s culture should reflect this. 


#5 An overly complicated recruitment process 

The recruitment process is never easy; however, that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated and longwinded.  The longer your time to hire period is, the more chance there is for candidates to drop out, either from lack of interest, or because they have secured a position elsewhere. 

It’s important to have a clear route which you can share with your applicants so they understand how many interviews they are required to attend, and what the timescale is in terms of hearing back. 


Get the help you need 

Here at Reuben Sinclair, we have access to an exceptional talent pool of motivated senior PR professionals looking for their next role, as well as a network of individuals who may not be actively seeking. Through extensive experience in the industry, we have the skills needed to match the ideal candidate to your specific roles and we can support your business with every aspect of the recruitment process, from job advertisement creation through to the consulting on your EVP and Employer Brand. 


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