Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

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Why ED&I is a priority - Rohan Shah, MD & Co-Founder

Reuben Sinclair want to be better. We’re not just talking about better in terms of performance or results, but better in supporting our team and tackling underrepresentation in the PR, Marketing and Digital industries, as well as using our position as recruitment experts to break down the barriers many candidates face regarding employment and their job search.

Making ED&I a priority in our business is the right thing to do. It not only creates a more inclusive and equitable workplace but it will also bring tangible benefits in terms of performance, talent acquisition, and brand reputation. For Reuben Sinclair and our clients, it’s a key driver of organizational success but more importantly it’s paramount for the success of every individual.

We know, however, that we must go beyond doing the right thing and that we are prepared to disrupt the status quo and use our influence to change outdated and inefficient recruitment principles. We aim to set a new precedent in the hope that others will follow, making recruitment inclusive, accessible and equitable for ALL candidates, and ensuring our internal environment is a fair and supportive one.

Our goal is to create an environment where everyone is welcome, can access services and identity/background/circumstances don’t impact work opportunities.

We’re excited about our evolution in the ED&I space, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Our ED&I Commitments

  • Fully understand the identity, background, and circumstances of our current talent pools and internal team - allowing us to spot areas for focused improvements and immediate actions. 
  • Development of our internal and external recruitment process and systems - to ensure our services are fully accessible, inclusive and equitable and that bias is eliminated throughout the decision-making and shortlisting stages.
  • Upskill and educate our client communities on accessible, inclusive, and equitable hiring best practices – for the purpose of evolving talent pools and improving access to candidates, as well as overall candidate experience.
  • Ensure our internal and external processes and technology are fully accessible, inclusive and equitable – we endeavour to ensure that those who need adjustments or accommodations should be included in our recruitment processes and our work environment.
  • Commit to transparency around salary equality – we are fully committed to equal and transparent pay for both our team and our candidates, closing any existing pay gaps.
  • Internal education and training in the ED&I space – making certain our team are not only onboard with our ED&I journey, but also educated accordingly.

Our Accessibility Statement

We support all accessibility requirements, our services are designed for everyone.

Candidates from all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged. If a recruitment process can be adapted to make your experience more accommodating, please let us know. For any role you’re applying for, we will endeavour to ensure that your needs are catered for.

If you have any suggestions as to how to make our processes even more accessible, we’d love to hear about it.

Meet our ED&I Champion - Elliot Graham

Part of my role is to ensure that Reuben Sinclair are moving forward as a business in the ED&I space. This is a subject close to my heart as a working parent. The progress we have made as a business is having an incredibly positive effect on how I’m able to blend my work and home life.
This integral element of my role is multi-faceted, and includes not only making sure that we’re following the policies and practices we have in place, but that we’re also introducing new ones where necessary, whilst ensuring our clients are up to speed on this vital topic.

I have a background in recruitment, and the common thread having worked across the construction, oil & gas and media sectors is that traditional methods are, often unintentionally, pitted against underrepresented candidates, which has created an unfair system. There is much that can and should be done to correct this, which has spurred my interest and passion to take on this role within our company.

The transition from filling roles to championing and supporting underrepresented talent has been a learning curve, but one which brings pride when I look at the progress we’ve made so far, and the projects we have lined up to bring positive change to ourselves and the industries we serve. 


Callum Stevenson (employee)

The ED&I commitment and training at Reuben Sinclair has been outstanding. We've really invested, across the board, to make this a focal point of everything we do as a firm. 

We've received regular sessions from an external trainer, have a dedicated member of the team working on this full-time to bring in new processes for a more diverse business internally and externally, and every single member of the team has been incredibly committed to making this a success.

Samantha Wagstaffe (employee)

I started 2023 with very limited knowledge in the ED&I space, and I can proudly say this is no longer the case. I’m more confident that I’ve ever been in having discussion in this area, which will no doubt benefit my candidates and clients. I’m proud to work for a company which takes this topic so seriously, and I’ve no doubt this is only the start of a hugely positive change for Reuben Sinclair and our wider community.

Cat Wildman (external ED&I partner)

I'm overjoyed to say that Reuben Sinclair have received Gold status in our very thorough 140+ point Powered By Diversity assessment process. 

Our process covers all protected characteristics plus socio-economic status and single parents and leaves no stone unturned. We can be in no doubt; Reuben Sinclair is truly an inclusive organisation. 


Jo Major (external ED&I trainer)

Reuben Sinclair is built on the foundations of solid values which enable their employees to be themselves and work in a safe and respectful environment.

They’ve built a team who represent the communities they serve and have smashed the typical recruiter stereotype - they genuinely want to be better and do better. 

They strive to do the much deeper work needed to create a workplace where everyone has the equity needed to be successful, how they can evolve the candidate journey, whilst working on services to support clients and evolve their hiring and talent attraction policies.

They're leading the way in how the recruitment industry should look and feel in 2023 and deserve acknowledgement for the progress they are making and their authentic commitment to change.