FlexiRec is a unique recruitment offering engineered by Reuben Sinclair to provide our clients with complete peace of mind. Most recruitment agencies will provide a 3 month guarantee or rebate. FlexiRec not only provides greater security and reduced risk but also over a much longer 10 month period. No other recruitment company comes close in having your best interests at heart when selecting a recruitment provider to partner with.

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Through commissioning market research and listening to hiring managers about the problems they face when recruiting, we understand the recruitment and hiring process can be frustrating; investing time and money into hiring and training a new employee, only for you to part ways in the first few months can be a disheartening and potentially costly experience.

For smaller organisations and start-ups, a full invoice for the recruitment of a successful candidate can impact on your hiring budget, cash flow and growth opportunities for your business, where that money could alternatively be utilised. With FlexiRec, these factors are reduced close to nil.

Providing you with complete peace of mind, FlexiRec will provide you with all the relevant services needed to find the perfect employee whilst also protecting your company's best interests. No-one can predict the future accurately, but you can prepare for it.

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