Exclusive Recruitment

Reuben Sinclair's exclusive recruitment option is our 'step up' from Contingency Based Recruitment and is a great option for employers who are looking for an urgent hire and are focused on maintaining a consistent employer brand.

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What’s included?

  • Proactive search (e.g. LinkedIn InMails, Job Board Searches)
  • Creation of job description
  • Reactive search; ads posted on numerous job boards, social channels and pushed out via email marketing to only the most relevant candidates
  • Access to candidate database
  • Dedicated senior recruitment consultant
  • Weekly vacancy report

Who is it typically for?

• Urgency to hire

Average results

• Hire confirmed within four weeks of receiving brief
• 100 relevant candidates contacted within 1 week of brief

The ‘small print’

• Pay on start date or opt for Flexi Rec
• 12 week free replacement

Download a comparison of our recruitment packages here.

Find out what is included in the Exclusive Recruitment package, compared to other recruitment packages.

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