Winning The War For Talent

The ‘war for talent’ is often cited as being one of the biggest challenges PR leaders face. Finding, hiring and retaining talent in PR has never been so difficult. But there are things that can be done to get ahead of the competition and make hiring who you want, when you want, more of a possibility.

Posted by Alexandra Lewington MPRCA, Tuesday September 3 2019

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1. Plan ahead
Hiring for someone when you have a desperate need is like going food shopping when you’re hungry – you’ll buy anything (or hire anyone) without thinking about what exactly it is you need. This is when hiring mistakes get made. Planning ahead, making sure internal decision makers understand what to look for and creating a constant talent pipeline, even when you’re not hiring, will enable you to make sound decisions and save you from going hungry.

2. Understand what you can offer
PR is currently a candidate-driven market; candidates typically have multiple options when it comes to new job opportunities. Understanding and clearly communicating what you can offer your employees, both existing and potential, will help you hire and retain the right people. Consider training and development, values, inclusivity and benefits, not just basic salary.

3. Talk to your suppliers
The best suppliers will work with you in partnership and provide expert advice. Job boards should be able to give you statistics to help you use them effectively, and your recruitment consultants should also be able to provide insight into candidates’ needs, the market and how to attract the best talent. They should also be able to provide alternative recruitment models and solutions based on your needs. By partnering with the right people, and in the right way, you will have valuable assets when it comes to promoting your business as an employer of choice.

4. Review your interview process
The interview process can be a deciding factor when a candidate is considering an offer. As much as it’s essential for you to assess a candidate’s suitability for the role, the candidates are also assessing whether you’re the right business for them. Clear and efficient communication, fit-for-purpose tasks / assessments, appropriate duration and two-way conversations all make for a more positive candidate experience.

5. Come along to the PRCA’s Talent Masterclass
This one day training session will help you plan and implement an effective hiring strategy, from devising your Employer Value Proposition, to a practical, step-by-step guide to recruitment processes. Through a combination of talks and workshops, led by people, culture and equality expert, Jane Fordham MPRCA, and supported by Alexandra Lewington, Head of PR recruitment at Reuben Sinclair, this masterclass aims to provide you with the framework to go back to your business and start winning the war for talent.

Developing or refining your talent strategy isn’t something that will happen overnight. It takes planning, involves lots of variables, and needs constant attention. Support, both internal and external, is key. There’s absolutely enough talent in PR – but only for those approaching it the right way.

For more information on the PRCA’s Talent Masterclass, click here.

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Alexandra Lewington MPRCA & Jane Fordham MPRCA
Monday, 21st October, 2019

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