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Looking for a job? Thinking of joining the world of Software Sales? Have a read of this blog to get an idea of what it's like to enter the Software Sales environment.

Posted by Arran Ferguson, Sales Recruiter, Friday October 19 2018

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1. Money talks

Software sales is arguably one of the most lucrative industries to establish a sales career in. While money might not be the main factor for choosing a career, it certainly has a big impact – especially in sales.

In software sales your commission is where you’ll look to really enhance what you’d normally be taking home. The commission will be performance based and will typically be double your base e.g. £30,000 ~ £60,000 OTE.

The flip side is this environment is very competitive and fast paced, meaning if you’re not hitting the mark you can’t expect to just be reaping the rewards. Days can become very long and effort can sometimes feel wasted, worst case if you’re really not getting it you could even lose your job. That being said for the majority who I speak to in the industry the rewards very much negate the risk.

2. Rise to the top

Looking at Sales in general the top performers move up quickly, simply being they are the crux for a software company and those who perform most effectively will ultimately find themselves being quickly promoted and taking on more responsibilities.

If we look at how that effects your salary, you should be starting on a £35,000 base salary, after achieving your quota targets you could be looking at a £5k - £10k pay rise – crazy right?

If we compare that to other career avenues such as Training, Healthcare, Admin it’s a significant increase.

3. The opportunity is there for the taking

Historically the requirements have typically been a Bachelor’s Degree and relevant software sales experience - these days it’s seen as advantageous to employers, especially for the junior/entry level roles. What companies have looked into more are development programmes to enable you to become trained with selling their software and then progress internally.

Time to create an online presence, after all its software that you’re looking to sell so let’s get savvy with tools such as LinkedIn. The power of internet can be a powerful tool and gaining more connections to learn more about the sector will certainly help. Who knows, those connections might be looking to recruit and could very much consider you!

4. High Demand

It’s no secret with the rise of Uber, Deliveroo and Snapchat the tech industry is booming at pace. Robots will be taking over, AI will tell us where to eat to then feed us and VR will become the new Gameboy Colour (those were the days). It’s clear what the direction of today’s world is.

With myself currently recruiting in the sector, my clients are always open to considering meeting good sales for their businesses. Purely being there aren’t enough out there and they want to stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s not waste time, get out there. Alternatively, I’m happy for a discussion around this and provide some insight on how to help.

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