Why Every Grad Should Intern at a Recruitment Agency

Ever thought about interning at a recruitment agency? No, thought not! Hear me out though, here's what I learnt from interning at a recruitment agency.

Posted by Sam Collins, Monday June 27 2016

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With 1 in 4 graduates in the UK quitting their first jobs within a year of starting to work, the graduate career path can often start out as a rocky one. So desperate to secure their first step on the career ladder, one third of all graduates now spend less than five hours researching the company they end up working for, simply applying left, right and centre to every opportunity they are spammed with through the £1bn a year leading organisations now spend trying to attract the best talent.  

With increased levels of student debt and the social stigma of the recruitment world that is the gap in your CV, graduates more than ever before are taking jobs they really don’t know much about, with only one in four actually understanding what the day-to-day work will actually entail upon starting their career. 

It comes as no surprise then that only one in three graduates feel they actually made the right decision when accepting their first job offer. 

How then can this working world education dilemma be solved?

As an industry, recruitment provides the perfect training ground for graduates unsure as to where they are heading in their careers.

Spending your days constantly being exposed to a variety of opportunities in industries you never knew existed, is the perfect way to figure out where you want to head in your career. All the while gaining your first taste into the world of work and quickly picking up key sales, persistence and resilience traits.

So if you are graduating this summer and are unsure of where you are heading in your career, why not try recruitment for a few months, and you never know it might actually be the career path for you. 

If you're interested in finding out more, get in touch. 

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