What Does a Career In Recruitment Offer You?

So you’re a grad or sales person considering which route to take after a hard final year of study or a few tough years on the phone in a sales environment. You’re also; a problem solver, a super communicator, an outstanding listener and want to find the perfect career (NOT JOB) in London. If you don’t have the above, then being frank you don’t have what it takes to be a recruitment consultant. If the above is you, keep reading.

There are lots of obvious good things about a career in recruitment that you can probably guess such as the money and the teamwork but have you thought about what else it can offer you? Have you thought why recruitment is right for me over every other option out there? This is so important to think about. You’re a talented, young and smart person - the world is at your feet, you can do absolutely ANYTHING! If, you put your mind and effort into it. (Recruitment interview tip: You will receive a question about this so have a solid answer.)  

Hopefully some of the below might help you make the decision to go into recruitment if you’re considering it or simply want to know more:

You’re in control of your own destiny

How much money do you want to earn? How quickly do you want to progress? Success in any recruitment area will be judged by your results. If you want lots of money and progression in line with your hard work and not how long you’ve been employed or depending on other people moving on… Recruitment is the game for you. Based on meritocracy, the sky is the limit!

Service not a product

So you’re out buying a bag or perfume/aftershave. Have you ever had someone try to sell you a perfume or bag that you already own? You say; ‘sorry I’ve already got one’ or something similar right? Well, have you ever thought about that sales person, can they change your mind to get you to part with your cash for it? Well I’m pretty confident they can’t. But what if the first question that the sales person asked was; ‘what is the perfect bag/perfume/aftershave for you?’ Followed by; ‘and if I can go and find it at the right price, would you be interested?’ IF that sales person had an unlimited supply of the right product for any person walking into their shop do you think they’d make more money than the poor guy or girl holding the one? It’s an obvious answer. Recruitment is one of the only roles you can go out and find pretty much any type of person to fit a client’s need, even if their requirements are very niche.

It’s a sales role but with a difference

You’re a consultative salesperson first and not a phone basher! Some people get told it’s simply a numbers game; well the fact is, if you work hard you’ll get out more than someone that isn’t whatever the approach, that’s obvious, however if you’re at the right company the value placed on having good engaging business conversations will out way simply numbers. It’s asking the right questions and listening that counts; trying to sell something without knowing what someone wants is more luck than judgment.

Cold calling isn’t a bad thing

In fact, it’s fun and easier than you might think. This goes for headhunting a potential candidate or calling a potential client; you’re calling for a sound business reason and you do have something to offer! Consider this; if someone called you with a once in a lifetime opportunity - your perfect job role with a lovely salary increase are you going to shout at them down the phone?! (If the answer is yes then, grow up.) In relation to speaking to clients, the beauty of Brand Engagement Recruitment over other areas of recruitment is that we place people that have a job role to proactively generate profit for a business; would a sensible Sales Director hang up straight away on a consultant calling them to inform them about the best sales person in their industry that is on the market for a new job? That could add millions to their sales figures?

You’ll never go hungry again

Once you’ve been successful in recruitment you’ll never to struggle for a job again. If you take a career change you’ll face the obvious challenges but the simple facts are; you’ll become an expert in searching for, securing and negotiating on the best possible jobs out there. A useful life skill, right?

Fun, Fun, Fun. The majority of companies will employ like-minded people to you. If you’re successful to get though interview stages you’re pretty safe with this one but if you’re not committed to recruitment yet and want an insight the really good news is that the majority of starter roles are filled with bubbly, smart, graduates. There are plenty of social outings, the banter in the office is always electric and you’re more often than not going to make friends that will be ‘lifers’. Obviously this is just my opinion and there are companies that are exceptions to the above but as a rule of thumb it’s right. (Recruitment interview tip: this is NOT amongst the main reasons to get into recruitment. Interviewers are looking for career reasons, not that it’s ‘loads of fun’- that’s an opinion.)

There are plenty of businesses to stamp your name on

There are many small to medium size recruiters that you can go in and have a genuine effect on the business giving you not only a plethora of commercial business/management skills but also the opportunity to possible be a big part of a success story! Large companies have benefits as well; typically having more structured training and development paths. It’s an industry in that you do have a choice. Fly by the seat of your pants or join a large corporate.

Future specialism

Recruiters are businesses too. They need; marketing, PR, IT, Sales, HR, Finance, Admin. Going into a recruitment company opens up exposure to all of the above as the role is very diverse. At some consultancies you may have to work in all the above mentioned verticals as a ‘normal’ consultant. Remember, as there is always a need in recruitment companies for these functions, should you wish to specialise, and it might be an option.