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Are you struggling with working from home? Here are some top tips from our consultants.

Posted by Ellie Buckley, Marketing and Events Executive, Thursday March 19 2020

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Are you struggling with working from home?

During this challenging time that we are all currently facing, it can be hard to concentrate. Working from home brings a whole other level of distractions. We asked our consultants what their top tips for working from home were, and here is what they had to say:

'Keep the structure and take a walk during the day, even if you feel busy.' - Amy Clayton, PR Recruitment Consultant

'Do something in the morning before starting work, e.g. jogging, meditation, yoga.' - Neil Grant, Head of Digital Marketing Recruitment

'Make sure you have set, measurable goals for the day; otherwise, it is hard to keep track of your progress and easy to be unproductive. Speak to people throughout the day at regular intervals even if it's just a general chat - this will stop you going mad with loneliness.' - Gianni Forcellati, Digital Marketing Recruitment Consultant

'Get up at a normal time, exercise instead of the commute, make a different lunch every day, and ensure you have a little treat in the evening.' - Tania Davis, Office Manager and Finance Controller

'Ignore your landline phone, from experience, if family/friends know you are at home they think it is ok to you are still at work. Have a designated area in your house to work. Have a break, have a walk around your garden, get some fresh air.' - Gillian Heasman, Talent Partner

'Make sure you take regular breaks and move around. Try and separate your 'work station' and your 'living space' as much as possible - or pack away your work every night so that you can relax in the evening. Keep your routine.' - Alexandra Lewington, Head of PR and Comms Recruitment

'Plan your day. Schedule some calls in to break up your day. Get some fresh air/exercise. Speak to your team.' - Steve Woodward, Head of Freelance and Contract Recruitment

'Set yourself up with a 'workspace' that feels like you're actually at work. It's tough to stay focused if you're sat in bed or slumped on the sofa. So you have to create a right working environment if you want to be productive.' - Louisa Wetton, PR Associate Director

'Have a comfortable set up - as much as you can. Reduce background distractions. Take regular breaks. Get some exercise during the day even if it's just a walk. Eat healthily. Drink lots of water. Stay in communication with people.' - Grant Dixon, Managing Director

What are your top tips for WFH?

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