Unleashing your Personal Brand for Career Success

In partnership with Birkbeck's UpScale programme, I hosted an event for students to give key tips on creating and using Personal Branding to be successful in your career.

Posted by Neil Grant, Head of Digital Recruitment, Friday March 2 2018

Personal Branding for Career Success Birkbeck

Personal Branding yourself is a powerful tactic that will enable you to develop a career in whatever area you are passionate about. But surprisingly, many professionals that I work with on a daily basis do not capitalise on its power.

On the 1st March 2017, Reuben Sinclair and Birkbeck University's UpScale programme partnered up to share how using Personal Branding can help to develop your career.

The event covered:

> What is Personal Branding?

> Why is it so important to your career?

> How to create a Personal Brand?

> How to unleash the power of your Personal Brand whilst job hunting.

All the course content has been collated into the whitepaper below, please do access and take note of our insights when crafting your Personal Brand.

Download the Personal Branding for Career Success whitepaper.

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