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Posted by Rohan Shah, Marketing Recruiter, Tuesday February 16 2016

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This interview technique aims to keep company’s hiring processes consistent throughout the whole organisation and flexible enough for different role descriptions.

1.    Interview content and methodology

We recommend you select six different criterion that you are looking for when hiring a new team member.  As a management team we recommend you agree on at least two of these crieterion that candidates are judged on, these criteria should be in line with the company’s values and appear in every interview the company completes.   

Here are some example criterias that we tend to hire individuals on:

  • Passionate
  • Analytical
  • Communicator
  • Team player
  • Self starter
  • Strategic

All of the interview questions that you select should be chosen so you are able to extract whether the person embodies the above criteria.  For example, if you are looknig for a strategic thinker you may choose more logic based questions e.g. how many cups of coffee are drunk in London everyday? Review our interview question bank for inspiration.

2.    Interview structure

To make sure the interview is well balanced with the correct mix of questions, we recommend that you are carve up your interview questions in the following way:

  • 25% general interview questions
  • 25% culture fit questions
  • 50% industry relevant questions

In regards to the length of the interview, for a first round we recommend up to an hour initially as an absolute maximum. For the second round interview, we see the best retention rates when it is slightly longer, up to an hour and a half. Some of the clients we work with also like to mix in a team meet and greet in the second stage to assess whether the candidate would be a team fit. 

3.    Interview evaluation and candidate selection

As mentioned before all of the questions should be selected so that you are able to discover whether the person you are interviewing can give examples of the six criteria you are looking for. 

You should absolutley use some form of a scoring system to assess the candidates answers; because let’s face it, bias does sometimes get the better of us – maybe someone made you laugh a little more or maybe someone has the same interests as you – it’s no reason to employ them over someone who is more capable and a better fit to the role and company. The scoring system we use is there to help us score each person on the criteria we are looking for to enable us to fairly assess who our top runners are at the end of the interview process, eliminating any personal biases. This scoring system is also consistent across our business, so we know exactly where a candidate stands regardless of who has interviewed them.  The scoring system works as below:

  • -1 = the candidate does not display this criterion
  • 0 = displays sufficient examples of the criterion
  • 1 = displays over and beyond the criterion

The examples section is useful for jotting down specific examples, after a long interview process you will struggle to remember for what reason you scored each person the grade that you did so it is important to fill out this section as a mental prompt. 

4.    Other tools you may find useful

We provide our clients with additional tools that will support their hiring process in a bid of save them time, hassle and reduce the amount of hiring mistakes that might occur.

All of the above will help you assess individuals past the normal process of a CV and cover letter and give you an in-depth view of each candidate, before you even get to the interview stage. 

You can find out more about these services here.  

To download our interview guide here. 

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