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Posted by Grant Dixon, Managing Director & Co-founder , Monday October 18 2021

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In 2021 the global talent market has become incredibly candidate-led as the business world recovers from the last 18 months. This means it is even harder to secure the best talent, which leads to enormous problems from both operational and growth perspectives. The problem is magnified at an executive or senior hiring level. When the pressure is on and the business is under-performing because of personnel gaps, it is easy for mistakes and a lack of rigour to creep into your hiring process.

As specialists in helping organisations to get it right the first time, we are proud to offer award-winning advisory support for businesses in the management of senior and executive hiring projects. This guide provides best-practice and essential advice when your business has a senior hiring requirement.

What do we discuss in this guide?

  • The Template for Hiring Success
  • Internal Alignment: The Hidden Danger
  • The Power of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Key Points for Executive and Senior Hires

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