TAKE PART! The Annual Salary Survey

Are you getting paid enough? What industries are the highest and lowest paid? What companies are dishing out the best benefits? Contribute to the wider picture and get the answers you need to evaluate your position in your specific sector.

Posted by Neil Grant, Tuesday October 25 2016

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It's that time of year again, when we ask you to input your data into Reuben Sinclair's salary surveys. 

If you work in sales, marketing, PR or digital we would love you to contribute in our annual salary surveys. 

In exchange we'll send you a comprehensive report that covers:

  • What others like you are getting paid
  • What the most popular benefits packages are
  • What industries within your sector pays the best (and worst)
  • And why people in your sector are leaving amongst other insights

The surveys take under one minute to complete and as a thank you for taking part, we'll send you the full report in January AND enter you in a prize draw to win £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers (just in time for the sales).

TAKE PART: Sales Salary Survey

TAKE PART: Marketing Salary Survey

TAKE PART: PR Salary Survey

TAKE PART: Digital Salary Survey

For full terms and conditions on the Prize Draw, please click here.

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