Simple steps to improve your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the most used tool for hiring managers and recruiters for finding talent, so if you have a LinkedIn account, make sure it's working hard for you.

Posted by Reuben Sinclair, Friday January 1 2016

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LinkedIn is the most used tool for hiring managers and recruiters for finding talent so if you have a LinkedIn profile then make sure it’s working hard for you.  If you don’t have a profile then create one, if you are not on LinkedIn you are reducing your chances of being found and hired.  Follow these basic steps to improve your profile, opportunities and job offers.

  • Add a profile picture.  A professional one, not a pouty one, or one where you have a drink in your hand…LinkedIn should be treated differently to Facebook and Twitter and is a platform to market your professional profile.

  • Complete your profile. Complete all the prompts that LinkedIn gives you; education, current job, past job, interests etc.  This is a case of putting relevant information that you’ve already written in a CV online for employers to view.  LinkedIn will tell you what to  do to make your profile complete.
  • Personalise your LinkedIn URL so it is easy to share.  Add this link to your signature, website etc, your URL can be edited in the Contact Info tab.
  • Build up your connections. Import all your contacts and take 10 minutes here and there to connect with people that you know.  The more connections you have the more you will be seen as an influencer.
  • Use key words in your profile.  SEO (search engine optimisation) is important, if you can’t be found then you can’t be headhunted.  If you are a content marketing specialist, include these key words in your profile so recruiters can find you when looking for particular skills and experience.  If you say you are a sales manager then a recruiter expects to see the word sales or similar words scattered throughout your profile – don’t stuff them in for the sake of being found.
  • Be useful without selling.  Share insights and information that people will find interesting and useful.  If someone is asking for help and you can help them, well…help them!
  • Write your elevator pitch.  This will take you longer than most items on the list but it’s important.  Your elevator pitch is what you put right at the top on your CV and should highlight all that you have achieved in your career.  Be sure to include stats, targets that you’ve achieved and over achieved and other key information like if you manage a team etc.
  • Be social.  Comment on posts and in groups relevant to you, ask questions and opinions and treat it like you would for Twitter and Facebook but be sure to channel your work persona.  
  • Get recommended.  This one is key for freelancers, when you have completed a job and you know they were pleased then ask them for a recommendation.  

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