Showcasing Your Development Work In The Best Way

When you are looking for a new role, it's essential you present yourself in the best possible light. This doesn't simply mean coming across as professional, although that of course is an important element of it. Instead, any wise job hunter should look at how they are framing the whole package of their experience, skills, achievements and qualifications, so that prospective employers can quickly get a clear picture of everything you can bring to the table. 

Even when you aren't actively looking for a new position, keeping on top with this self- presentation can help your career too, as it can lead to recruiters from other organisations spotting your talents. 


The Best Way To Showcase Your Work 

So, just how should you present all of your skills and experience in order to make the most powerful impact on your job search? Naturally, a great place to start is your CV. Make sure you take the time to tailor your CV to each role you apply for, highlighting the qualities and capabilities you have that reflect the job advert. Keep it to the point, and relevant- an ideal CV should be two pages long, with some white space so the pages don’t look overcrowded. 

Next up, look to popular social media platform LinkedIn to advertise yourself. For creatives and designers, a portfolio is another essential string to your bow and is the perfect way to demonstrate the breadth of styles that you can work on. Include your best work but always include samples that are reflective of the job or organisation you are applying to. This will easily demonstrate you can fit into the position on offer. 

If you are new to the industry and have little thus far with which to fill your portfolio, don't panic! Doing prospective or sample work on a campaign similar to the job in question can illustrate your capabilities just as well, particularly if you can clearly explain your decision process. Perhaps even more importantly, taking this approach demonstrates a desire to go above and beyond, whilst taking your own career progression and development seriously. 

Those working in software development can find a few more avenues for showcasing their talents. Specialised online forums and communities such as Stack Overflow and Github can provide an excellent opportunity for networking and building a professional profile based on your skills and expertise. [NG1]  

Creating a website that is entirely devoted to showing off your talents can also be a great move, as it is easy for recruiters to get a real feel for the person behind the screen. By including lists of previous roles and projects, demonstrating your technical skills and providing links to a portfolio of work, a website can be a supercharged CV that is easy to keep updated as your career progresses. Make sure contact details are current and highlight any awards or recognition that you garner along the way, too. 


Let Us Find Your Perfect Opportunity 

Of course, there is another way in which you can help to supercharge your job search, and that is to partner up with the experts. At Reuben Sinclair, we put our candidates at the heart of everything we do, and are committed to connecting the best talent with their ideal new role. With specialisms in a range of creative and digital fields, we can support you in building the career you're dreaming of, from helping you to showcase your skills and experience through to making sure you never miss a perfect opportunity. 


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