Reuben Sinclair Launches a Website Designed for the Future

No industry stays the same, and no company can afford to stand still. Reuben Sinclair understands the power of the new, which is why we are delighted to be announcing the launch of our website, which has been redesigned and rejuvenated. Your new, improved online engagement with the leading talent acquisition specialist starts here. 


Who Are We? 

Founded in 2007, Reuben Sinclair opened its offices in London's square mile, from where it rapidly established itself as the home of expertise in sales, marketing, digital and PR recruitment. Its co-founders, Rohan Shah and Grant Dixon, still lead the business today, sharing a commitment to excellence in recruitment service. Rohan brought ten years of industry experience with him and earned the award for 'Recruitment Boss of the Year 2018' at the Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards. Grant spreads his time between some of the company's largest clients while leading its award-winning training and development operation. 


Why the New Site? 

We know it's essential to keep moving forward, adapting to changing industry patterns and behaviours, and ensuring that our online presence remains at the cutting edge of digital technology. We don't believe in change for its own sake, but when capabilities emerge that can help us better serve and connect with our clients and candidates, we embrace them. 


What's New? 

You'll first notice a crisp, clean, contemporary look. Our new home page gives you the crucial information you need quickly and clearly, directing you with intuitive menu items and buttons wherever you want to go. 

A significant change is the new site's optimisation for mobile. Now that well over half of all web searches and browsing sessions are conducted on smartphones and tablets, we decided that a mobile-first design was essential. We haven't sacrificed the user-friendliness of the desktop version - on the contrary, by following the principles of mobile design, we believe we've enhanced the usability of all versions. 

You'll find the content has undergone a major rethink, too, as we've worked to achieve maximum transparency of the brand and crystal clarity of our message. Spend just a few minutes on our new site, and you'll know exactly what we stand for and what we can do for you. 


This combination of directness, accessibility and comprehensive coverage is clear to see on every product and service page. Bright, modern graphics and photos support the narrative, which has been revised to eliminate ambiguity, deliver certainty, and provide maximum information in the minimum space. Concise and authoritative, it's a site you can engage with instantly. 

We've also put a lot of work into the technical design of the new site. The improvements we've made backstage are not things you'll see, but you'll certainly feel them. Page loading speeds across the entire area have been significantly accelerated: we don't want you to wait a nanosecond longer than necessary to find answers. 

Whether you're looking for contingency recruitment advice or visiting the marketing recruitment jobs page, checking our client case studies or grappling with the concept of Employee Value Proposition, our new site makes your search easy and the answers rewarding. Transitions are virtually instant but smoothly managed. Every element has been developed for ease of access, guaranteeing a superior user experience. 


Reuben Sinclair and RS-Engage 

In 2017 we launched our sister company RS-Engage whose specialism is in-house recruitment provision. RS-Engage is a natural extension of Reuben Sinclair's award-winning operation and has recently undergone its own website redesign and rebranding process. The company's on-site working model gives clients a dedicated recruitment service with fixed costs and without the expense of a permanent in-house team. 

Both our companies focus on the vital work we do today but remain committed to providing the finest recruitment services both now and in the future. 

We're incredibly proud of our new site and what it says about the Reuben Sinclair brand. We invite you to pay a visit right away and find out why we are the first choice of talent acquisition partner for clients old and new.