Reuben Sinclair Chosen as CIPR's 'Talent Partner'

As part of both organisations ongoing dedication to excellence within the PR industry, the CIPR and Reuben Sinclair have formed a talent partnership to serve the UK PR community.

Posted by Rohan Shah, Managing Director, Friday January 26 2018

CIPR Talent Partner

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations has this week welcomed Reuben Sinclair as their “Talent Partner”.

Reuben Sinclair was chosen as CIPR Talent Partner due to their expertise, diligence in their approach and ethics. Through the partnership, Reuben Sinclair will participate across a number of our awards and events including the upcoming Influence Live event. CIPR will also make relevant opportunities for career advancement regularly available to members.

“I'm absolutely thrilled that Reuben Sinclair have been chosen as the Talent Partner for the CIPR. It was imperative for us to be part of the leading representative body who is embracing the changes and challenges that the industry is facing in relation to talent in the market place; whilst also working closely with genuine individuals who put ethics and the people of the industry at the forefront of what they do. I’m extremely excited to further develop this important partnership”

Rohan Shah, MD and Co-Founder, Reuben Sinclair Ltd

“Reuben Sinclair are an impressive team and a very forward thinking recruitment agency. I believe they are an excellent fit with the CIPR’s aspiration to assert the professional values of public relations. I hope members will take the opportunity to meet them at Influence Live on 30 January, where they will be hosting an innovative session on hiring the best PR talent.”

Alastair McCapra, CIPR Chief Executive

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