Quotes You Should Know As A PR Professional

We have collated 20 totally brillirant quotes for Public Relations professionals. First up..."All that you do or say is public relations".

Posted by Alexandra Lewington, PR Recruiter, Monday January 1 0001

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PR is defined as the management of the communication flow between a company and the public. Understanding the importance of PR in a digitally driven world where news breaks at whirlwind speeds is a shift from traditional offline PR. This swiftness can damage or make a brand's reputation. However, everyone has their opinion on the essence of PR. Here are some of our favourite quotes:

  1. PR is a tale of a struggle for reality and how people will understand and see reality.
  2. PR means being truthful and ethical – even when all people want are headlines and scapegoats.
  3. The best way to build a brand is to design a new category, and this requires creative thinking.
  4. All that you do or say is public relations.
  5. Because we cannot change reality, let's change the eyes of those who see reality.
  6. If a man tells a woman how smart and handsome, he is – that’s promotional. If he tells her she is intelligent, lovely, and is an excellent conversationalist- that’s marketing. But if someone else tells the woman how handsome and smart the man is – that’s PR.
  7. PR is a mix of psychology, broadcasting, and lawyering – it’s always changing and a very interesting landscape.
  8. The art of PR is a black art, and is here to stay, and its potency gets stronger every year.
  9. Publicity is the core of justice. It is the strongest drive to exertion and a certain guard against improbability.
  10. We think PR should exist for the public interest, to promote agreement in society.
  11. In the absence of publicity, there is no public support. Without this support, every state will decay.
  12. PR fails when there is no honor.
  13. Regardless of your feelings, always look like a winner. Although you are behind, looking confident and in control will give you victory.
  14. Many small things have been made larger by the right sort of PR.
  15. PR is crucial, and using it in the right way means you are marketing your success.
  16. In a downturn, a dynamic PR strategy is key.
  17. If down to the last pound of your marketing budget, a good PR agent will still spend that last dollar on PR!
  18. PR is a key component of any business process in this day of lightning speed communication and social media shares.
  19. These days, journalism is such a powerful factor in building opinions that no one can claim immunity or under-estimate its ability to affect their fortunes.
  20. Marketing, PR, and Promotional budgets are the first to be cut off these days and this is the first mistake a business will make when downsizing.
  21. The media is the most influential entity on earth. It possess the power to pronounce a man guilty and turn the condemned to an innocent.
  22. The most significant thing in PR is hearing what wasn’t said 

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