Questions you may be asked in a web developer interview

Preparation is key, don't get caught out in your next job interview. We've collated a range of interview questions that you may be asked if you are going for a role as a web developer.

Posted by Nadia Elkheir, Digital Recruiter, Sunday January 31 2016

30 Web Developer Interview Questions

These are some interview questions you may come across when going for an interview for a Web Developer job. These roles can be contract or permanent but the questions stay relatively the same. I recruit for various technology and digital projects and the most prosperous candidates are those who can explain in detail about their development tasks, have a problem solving mind-set and a great portfolio.

Job Interview Questions

  • What industry sites and blogs do you read regularly?
  • Why did you get into coding?
  • Going forward, what skills are you most interested in learning?
  • What sized websites have you worked on previously?
  • Show me your code/GitHub account/portfolio!
  • From a web development perspective, what are a few sites you appreciate and why?
  • What’s your favourite development language and why? If you could add any more features to this, what would it be?
  • What are a few personal web projects you are undertaking at the moment?
  • If I pull up the website you’ve built and it shows a blank page in the browser, what are the steps you would undertake to resolve the problem.
  • What web browser do you use and what toolbars do you have installed to enhance your experience?
  • What’s the real difference between HTML and HTML5?
  • What are some new HTML5 mark-up elements?
  • What are the new image elements in HTML5?
  • What are some of the major API’s that come with the standard HTML5?
  • If my hyperlink or image is not displaying correctly, what is wrong with it?
  • Have you used MVC before? What do you like/dislike about it?
  • What are the differences between AngularJS and Backbone.js?
  • What is the difference between null and undefined?
  • Have you used Sass? What do you like about it?

Technical Questions/Exercises

  • How comfortable are you in writing HTML by hand? (This may include an exercise)
  • Can you write table-less XHTML?
  • Can you fix this broken code?
  • What is the difference between <div> and <frame>?
  • How do you optimize a website’s assets?
  • What are three ways to reduce page load time?
  • What kind of things would you have to look out for when designing or developing multilingual sites?
  • Which of the below is the best way of organizing your JavaScript code?
  • What is the syntax difference between a bulleted list and numbered list?
  • What is the new DOCTYPE?

I hope these questions help you to prepare for your next digital role, if you would like any more advice then please feel free to get in touch with a member of the digital recruitment team here at Reuben Sinclair. 

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