PR Leaders On Attracting and Retaining Talent

In November 2016, Reuben Sinclair and the Amber Group connected MDs from some the top PR agencies around. Why? To discuss and share best practice on how to attract, inspire, retain and develop the best PR talent in the industry.

Posted by Rohan Shah, Friday November 18 2016

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In 2016, Reuben Sinclair and the Amber Group organised an event for PR agency industry leaders. In this ever more competitive, candidate lead market, both parties had identified a real need to share best practice and challenges on attracting, retaining, retaining and developing the best PR agency industry talent.

The panel of experts consisted of: Michael Murphy, a non-executive director of international global agency WE and board member for global affairs consultancy Interel; Alison Clarke, former chair of both the PRCA and CIPR, CEO of Grayling UK and Ireland, and President of Weber Shandwick in Asia Pacific; Richard Baines, Director and cofounder of specialist PR training consultancy, The Amber Group; and myself.

The level of debate and insights were astonishing, with the panel and many attendees sharing invaluable and first hand experience on the topics discussed.

Here are the top findings of the event:

1. PR agency leaders must personalise their approach to cater to different personalities

2. Play to people's strengths, no one to be good at everything, consider introducing more specialist roles into your agency

3. Younger generations require a different employer-employee engagement model

4. Adopt a uniform approach to hiring, led by the values and core competencies displayed by your top performing staff. Remove the bias from your interview process to ensure the growth of an effective and diverse team

5. PR agencies should focus more on showcasing the process, agency brand and methodology to clients to encourage agency loyalty over dependence on individuals within the agency.

For all the insights and tips from the event, please head this way to download the PR Agency Leader Whitepaper.

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