New Managed Service Partnership with Rostrum!

Reuben Sinclair is delighted to announce a new Managed Service agreement with award-winning PR and content marketing agency, Rostrum.

Posted by Rohan Shah, Managing Director, Tuesday February 7 2017

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Reuben Sinclair is delighted to announce a new Managed Service Agreement with Rostrum, the award-winning corporate, financial and professional services PR agency.

As the agency grows at a rapid rate, so does the need for talented B2B and B2C candidates to join the business. Delegating the recruitment responsibilities to Reuben Sinclair frees up precious time for Rostrum's leadership team to concentrate on the strategy and growth of the agency, reducing the overall cost of recruitment spend whilst streamlining processes for improved efficiency.

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This agreement was the next step for Rostrum, having worked with Reuben Sinclair as a recruitment provider for three years on a contingency basis. Reuben Sinclair has developed a deep understanding of the agency's culture and is therefore well-placed to become Rostrum’s retained Managed Service provider.

Rostrum will benefit from having a senior member of Reuben Sinclair’s PR recruitment team focusing solely on the agency's recruitment needs on-site for one day a fortnight. This work involves writing all job ads, promotion of ads, branded advertising, the set up and maintenance of an applicant tracking system with in-depth reporting, analysis and talent updates, conducting first stage interviews, running psychometric and competency testing and active headhunting for every role in the agency. The agreement and Managed Service model also allows other external recruitment agencies to continue submitting CVs.

Michael Kahn, Director of Resources & Development at Rostrum, said, “Rostrum is delighted to be working with Reuben Sinclair more closely, and we believe this partnership will help to ensure our growth plans are achieved. We’ve worked extensively with Reuben Sinclair in the past, and we trust them to manage our recruitment process.”

Through this new agreement, Rostrum will experience an increase in direct applications to the agency, employer brand presence, retention of staff and speed to hire, whilst ensuring a decrease in overall recruitment costs for Rostrum. The team at Reuben Sinclair are delighted with the new managed service agreement and are looking forward to introducing talented professionals to the team at Rostrum.

Alexandra Lewington, Head of PR and Communications at Reuben Sinclair, said, “At Rostrum’s stage of growth, we feel the Managed Service structure will allow Rostrum to fulfil their recruitment needs quickly and, more importantly, find them the best talent. I’m thrilled to start this partnership with Rostrum and look forward to seeing the agency grow as a result.”

If you're interested in hearing more about opportunities at Rostrum, contact Alexandra directly via -

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