My first year in recruitment – how did it happen and how did it turn out?

A look back on the first year in recruitment. The ups and downs, the reasons for going into recruitment and how much enjoyment has been had.

Posted by James Dance, AI and Data Science Recruitment Consultant, Thursday December 20 2018

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2018; a year that brought us a heatwave in which people were seen visibly melting on the tube, a nail-biting World Cup, the Cambridge Analytica scandal that raised a furore over Facebook’s misuse of our data, and so much more. It’s the time of year for reminiscing and there’s a lot to shout about, but I’m here for one night only so I’ve chosen to reflect on a huge personal milestone: my first year in full-time employment.

After graduating in summer 2017, I initially decided to postpone adulthood by frolicking on a 1000-mile walk across France and Spain. Eventually, however, life came knocking on my door and brought along his friend debt, so I dragged my graduate ass back to the UK and embarked upon the all-important job hunt.

So, how and why recruitment? Well, after dipping my fingers into a couple of commercial pies, namely sales and marketing, I eventually got speaking with a special breed of recruiters, called rec2rec’s, that specialise in placing people into recruitment positions. It was through them that I learnt more about this alien profession (that’s right, believe it or not, it’s not the career I’d been dreaming of ever since leaving the womb!), and the one home truth I kept hearing was: “The harder you work, the more you’ll earn”. That, alongside people telling me I’d need resilience, grit, determination etc., was the principal incentive that drew me in and one of the main reasons I’m still here! I lined up some interviews, whizzing around from St Paul’s to Shoreditch and Bank to Embankment, and landed myself a position at Reuben Sinclair, the company that I am now proud to be a part of.

When I now look back at my first twelve months in the industry, I am hugely grateful for the lessons I have learnt and the skills I have honed; from account management and business development to time management and problem-solving. I also happen to specialise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, an incredible market where I get to speak to the talented few building the tech that’ll soon make me redundant. And on top of all that jazz, I’ve been lucky enough to share incredible experiences with a bunch of outstanding colleagues, from losing money at Royal Ascot to losing dignity at many merry award ceremonies…

So, not only do I now reminisce with a feeling of fulfilment, knowing that I made the right decision to join an outstanding company with a fantastic team, but I also look back with huge pride knowing that at the core of what I’ve done, I’ve worked tirelessly to help clients nurture their teams and support candidates in taking their next step. Sure, recruitment isn’t for every Joe, Jack and Jemima, however it’s a thoroughly underrated profession and hugely rewarding for those committed enough to last it out.

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