How to Recruit Good Sales Staff (Without Using a Recruiter)

Yes I might be a Sales Recruiter but this blog is all about giving you insider tips on how you can hire great sales people without using a recruitment agency.

Posted by Tom Byrne, Sales Recruiter, Wednesday July 25 2018

How to hire good sales staff (Without Using a Recruiter)












Hiring the right sales people for your business is one of the toughest challenges you will face as a business owner. Competition for great sales staff is higher than ever, great sales people will be contacted by in house recruiters and agencies on a daily basis. In 2016 4,529 new recruitment agency businesses were registered between January and December so attracting and retaining the best sales staff is only going to become more difficult. However, there are simple and cost effective options for business owners to compete for this talent.

1. Take time to write a compelling job advert

If you’re hiring directly without using a recruitment agency, you have complete freedom to broadcast your company story and vision. Reuben Sinclair recently experimented with a company branded ad that told the company story and a generic ad without branding or specifics for a Managed Service client. The difference? 100% more applications to the branded ad on the same job board. So tell your story, sell your company and use branded ads on job boards to cut through the white noise.

2. Pitch the benefits of the job correctly

This one is greatly overlooked, employers have to know what will be attractive to the sales staff you are trying to attract. It’s easy to see why employers focus on salary and package and these do need to be competitive (check out last year’s Sales Salary Benchmarks here for help on this). However, a recent study by Glassdoor highlighted the factors of highest importance were actually leadership, company culture and career opportunities. So communicating what your company does well in these three areas is likely to be more attractive to employees over free coffee and gym membership.

3. Offer referral fees

Who better to do your recruitment for you than your own staff? They know your company culture and are able to spread the word through word of mouth, which we know is the winner of all marketing initiatives. For ideas on referral rewards you could offer staff, try this SlideShare - 101 Ideas for Employee Referrals Rewards.

For specifics and more in depth advice on effective channels to recruit sales staff specifically please get in touch.

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