How To Make Yourself Attractive To The Top Creative Agencies

Landing a job in one of the top creative agencies is tough. After all, the competition is incredibly fierce, and you'll be up against some of the finest talent in the business. To give yourself the best chance of getting through to the interview stage, you need to dedicate time and effort to your application to ensure you’re showcasing your skills and talents to full effect.  


Follow these steps to get started: 


1. Read and read again 

It's a constant source of surprise to recruiters and hiring managers that some candidates don't always read creative agency job adverts carefully or follow the specific instructions for applying. If you can't show an ability to understand and follow processes, it doesn't matter how fantastic your creative portfolio is – you’re unlikely to make it through to the interview stage. 

After all, agency work is a blend of creative work, client handling and business. Even 'pure' creative roles need to show their business abilities. So, read the advert and accompanying information carefully, note down the key points and make sure you adhere to them. 


2. Personalise your application 

Applying for jobs can be an exhaustive time process; however, that doesn’t mean you should cut corners.  Failing to tailor your application for each role will result in a fast-track towards the recycling bin for your CV and portfolio. 

Take time to personalise your CV and portfolio, making it clear how you can help your potential employer and add value, rather than just selling details of what you have done in the past. Clearly demonstrate how you meet the requirements of the role. 


3. Tidy up those social accounts 

As part of your job hunt, you will undoubtedly check out any potential employer’s websites and social media accounts.  The reality is, once your CV lands on a recruiter’s desk, they’re going to do the same to you.  Knowing this in advance allows you the opportunity to tidy up your profiles and hone your professional accounts.  

It can be tempting to simply rely on privacy settings but remove anything that may paint you in a less than professional light to be on the safe side. 


4. Perfect your online portfolio 

It's all-important for a creative role within an agency, so make sure your portfolio is entirely on point. Prioritise work that has been delivered for clients - successfully and with precise results - rather than simple artwork or project pieces for fun.

Again, agency work is about delivering for clients, so the more you can demonstrate how you used creative solutions to respond to a brief - with the right results - the better. This increases your value and shows how you can provide tangible solutions for your potential employer’s clients. 


5. Register with a recruitment agency that can understand your needs and career goals 

This point is key. The creative industries are unique, and recruiters need to understand their dynamics and needs to match the suitable candidates with the right clients. If you want to get a job in a leading agency, register with a recruitment agency to facilitate this. Reuben Sinclair is a recruitment specialist in marketing, PR and design for large consumer brands, boutique creative agencies and start-ups. Our team can help you land your perfect role within the creative field, whatever your career aspirations are. 


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