How to begin a career in SEO

SEO strategists are becoming "a must" for businesses across all industries. So, how do you kick start a career in Search Engine Optimisation?

Posted by Nadia Elkheir, Digital Recruitment Consultant , Tuesday April 10 2018

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Start by reading…

The first step to beginning a career in SEO is to understand the basics of the industry and this means reading up on the subject. There are a number of free resources out there for you to get stuck into and perhaps the best place to start is Moz’s Beginners' Guide to SEO which offers a comprehensive guide to the basics.

And if you want to check that they know what they are talking about, just try typing SEO into Google and have a glance at the top organic result! As it comes from the search engine that you will be optimising most for, another great guide is Google’s SEO Beginners' Guide.

And Then Read Some More!

SEO is a practice which is forever changing and professionals in the industry sometimes like to keep their cards close to their chest if they feel they’ve ‘cracked the code’. The industry is forever evolving, and search engines are constantly optimising their algorithms to bring the most up-to-date and relevant results to their users.

The important thing is to keep up with how techniques are changing and improving. 
Once you’ve got the basics down, delve into more advanced material, for example Search Engine Land and SEOBook. Listen to a podcast on the tube on the way to class, or watch a webinar whilst you’re cooking dinner! 

Get Your Head Around HTML

The ability to code is fast becoming one of the most lucrative skillsets on the market, and a job in SEO is likely to require at least a basic understanding of HTML. Platforms such as Wordpress might de-prioritse this skill, but it will never make it obsolete and therefore basic skills in HTML are always going to be advantageous.

Check out a beginner’s coding class or meet up and develop your skills in a collaborative setting to keep you motivated. 

And Whilst We’re On Courses…

Attending an SEO course will not only develop your skills and understanding but will also put you face to face with industry professionals and contacts worth keeping throughout your career. Find a course that’s right for you, that is aimed at individuals rather than businesses and is conducted by a professional with great credentials. 

Get To Work!

SEO theory and SEO practice are very different things, and whilst having the knowledge is good, it’s tangible results that will get you far.

Volunteer your services to a local business to practice your skills or practice on your own personal blog. Be sure to analyse results to see where you started compared to where you finished.

Applying for Roles in SEO

When applying for roles in SEO always include on your CV performance metrics and achievements so that the hiring manager can see that you understand overall objectives and can track results.

SEO or PPC (pay-per-click) executive roles are a great position to work out your specialism and grow your skills. 

Our 2017 Digital Marketing Salary Survey revealed the latest salaries in SEO and PPC.

Title Lowest Highest Average
SEO Executive  £18,000 £28,000 £24,200
SEO Manager  £25,000 £40,000 £30,500

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