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Want to know what the best free digital marketing training and resources providers are on the web? Look no further, we've asked digital experts what their go to digital resources are online.

Posted by Neil Grant, Digital Marketing Recruiter, Tuesday September 27 2016

Free Digital Marketing training and resources blog

It’s difficult for digital marketing professionals to stay ahead of the game on new trends, best practice and general inspiration in this digital crazy world. So last week, I asked my clients and candidates at the top of leading digital teams, what they trust and use for digital marketing training and content online. If you work in digital marketing and want to spruce up your digital skills, get certified from trusted sources or just want a collection of useful content to learn and develop then, you’re welcome…here’s a list of the favourites from digital specialists from leading in house and agency teams.

Avinash KaushikAvinash Kaushik is the co-Founder of Market Motive Inc and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google and has written many blogs and books about web analytics and marginal gains. His website isn’t the prettiest but it does give many great insights into digital analytics that will help you use the right data to help you make the right marketing decisions. Sign up to Avinash’s newsletter here.

Digital Garage: this is a bit of an undiscovered gem that needs to be discovered quickly as Google is only supporting this for a certain period of time. Digital Garage is an online video catalogue of free tutorials created by Google. Added bonus on this one is that you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Google and IAB Europe for completing the whole course.

HubSpot inbound marketing training: HubSpot has positioned itself as the master of inbound marketing and have created a portfolio of free and paid training courses and certifications with the aim to help digital marketing professionals nail inbound marketing. The free certifications include Inbound MarketingEmail Marketing, and Content Marketing amongst others.

Smart Insights: This site offers a free membership to gain access to expert insights from across the world, topics covered include digital transformation, content marketing and social media marketing.

Digital marketer: a great YouTube channel with over 19,000 subscriber, add to your favourites to receive insights, case studies and how to guides on everything from social media to email marketing

Moz: I hear the word Moz ALOT when speaking with digital marketing professionals focused on SEO, in simple terms Moz is a great option for well respected content and resources for online marketing. Whiteboard Fridays is a good place to start off your Moz journey, either subscribe to the newsletter or YouTube channel to see what it’s all about and if it’s helpful to you.

Tech Crunchvisit Tech Crunch if you’re into the latest tech and start up scene. I would say this is probably best for inspiration and the latest news on tech. So again, check them out and see if is useful for you.

This is just a snapshot of the best free digital training available online, so please share your favourites below and help your fellow digital marketing friends out.

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