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Posted by Alexandra Lewington, Head of PR and Comms Recruitment, Friday March 20 2020

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Like many people, I'm incredibly anxious about everything at the moment, for many different reasons, but I'm trying very hard to look for the positives. During a lovely chat with a candidate just now, we managed to find some silver linings to keep us cheerful during these bleak times. I wanted to share them in case anyone else is struggling:

  • Local community spirit has improved.  My neighbours and I now have a WhatsApp group to help each other out. I'm ashamed to say I didn't even know their names before, but now we're offering to get supplies and run errands for one another.
  • People are being kinder to one another most of the time. Those that are stockpiling and denying the elderly and vulnerable could do with some help here. But generally, the 'we're all in this together' mentality has resulted in what seems like a much kinder world, especially on social media.
  • The planet might start to recover slightly. I think the news of dolphins in the Venetian canals might be one of many wonderful 'green' stories. Not being able to travel might be frustrating, but the reduction in pollution levels is definitely a plus.
  • We'll all learn new skills and ways to be resourceful. While we might not be able to get fresh supplies very easily, I'm looking forward to being creative with what I've got. If anyone has a recipe for a tin of tuna, lots of rice and some ketchup, I'm all ears...
  • We'll find joy in new things. When you're stuck in the house, there's only so much scrolling through Instagram you can do. Instead, perhaps we will enjoy new or forgotten pleasures, like playing an old board game or reading your favourite book.
  • We'll gain a new sense of perspective. Yes, holidays may have been cancelled, weddings postponed and we can't get any toilet roll. But in the grand scheme of things, these are far less valuable than the health of ourselves and our loved ones.

There's an awful lot of terrible things going on at the moment, and I'm not going to lie, I'm worried and scared. But I'm also trying to be hopeful. Hopeful that this won't last too long. Hopeful that we will be better people at the end of it. And hopeful that, in the meantime, human kindness will prevail and we will pull together to support those affected most.

"This too, shall pass."

Stay safe and well everyone x

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