Digital Recruitment Hacks for Employers

Digital Recruitment Hacks for Employers

Become a candidate magnet. This is blog filled with hacks for employers to improve their digital recruitment processes to attract the best candidates.

Posted by Neil Grant, PR & Digital Recruiter, Tuesday July 26 2016

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So you’re hiring? You want insights on effective ways to enhance and refine your digital recruitment process to find and attract the right candidates. And you aren’t ready to use a recruiter. If you answered yes to all three, then this one is most definitely for you. Read on for ten hacks that will help you improve your digital recruitment as an employer to attract the best candidates in the market.

Employer Branding

In a candidate driven market you have to crank up the noise on your employer brand and tell candidates why they should work for you. Use your channels to shout about why you are the best option for candidates. Here are some ideas of how you might go about this;

  • Have a website? If you don’t, I’m worried for you. If you do, great! Create a careers page with your vacant positions and information on your company culture. 

  • Won some awards? Make it known! 

  • Have amazing benefits? Share what they are.

  • Employ happy people? Ask them to share their experiences, LinkedIn and Glassdoor are great options for this.

  • Proud of your office? Of course you are! A company video is a great way to show potential candidates what you’re like as a company. Here's the link to Reuben Sinclair's company video to give you some inspiration. 

  • Own some data? Email your network and ask for referrals. 

Want some more? Our MD worked with a specialist employer brand agency on a deck of best practice to give you more ideas to help raise your employer brand.

Social Media

Our digital recruitment team loves a bit of social media to search for and attract candidates. Here are our top ways for you to capitalise on the social media channels you already have.

  • Keyword searches – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will all allow you to search for people based on keywords. The free accounts on Twitter and Facebook will allow you to refine this by location, date, etc. Give it a go and see what comes up in your network. Alexandra, one of our senior recruiters has also written a detailed guide on how to find candidates on twitter, if you'd like more information on this one).

  • Evergreen content – Whatever collateral you create for your employer brand whether it is your company video, a careers page, graphics with your perks or employee testimonials, these should be pushed out through your networks on a regular basis, use Hootsuite, E-Clincher or Buffer to bulk schedule posts. 

  • H2H outreach – In our new digital era, it’s all about being personal. Human to human outreach is one of the most powerful tools in your digital recruiting tool kit. If you can get your employees to share their positive experiences of working at your company with their networks, you’re more likely to get traction. Candidates will want to hear from current employees what it’s really like to work for you. So encourage your employees to share and promote openings for you, a lot of employers offer referral fees for doing this – do you?

  • Competitions – This is a clever little hack, if you want to attract candidates with a particular skill set, why not run a targeted competition aimed just at them? For example, you want to employ web developers, why not run a code based competition on social to collect some relevant data? For the cost of a bottle of bubbly, you could find yourself the perfect candidate, and have a pool of data left over for next time.

Hopefully this advice will help you make some headway in finding relevant candidates for your roles. If you’ve seen anything clever that you can share with our community of employers, please do so below.