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In the ever changing world of Public Relations, how are employers ensuring they’re hiring the right people and job seekers finding the right company to join?

Posted by Alexandra Lewington PR recruiter, Thursday March 23 2017

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In the ever changing world of Public Relations, how are employers ensuring they’re hiring the right people and job seekers finding the right company to join? Over the last few years, so much has changed in the PR industry, yet not many PR professionals have changed their approach to recruitment.

Below are the top 5 trends in PR recruitment at the moment, and how this will affect you as a PR employer or job seeker.

1. Up skilling

It’s no secret that traditional PR is no longer enough on its own. Paid media, digital content, influencer relations and data driven results are all on the rise, and PR agencies and in house teams are adopting new technologies and methodologies to keep up with the times. 

As a PR job seeker, it’s important that you are tuned in with these PR trends, how they’ll affect your creative strategy and ideally have an understanding of how to implement them – without this, you’re going to be second choice behind a candidate that has ensured they’ve upskilled.

As a PR employer, it’s important to not only ensure that you’re utilising innovative techniques in order to attract candidates, but also that you offer training to upskill existing and new employees. This will aid retention and ensure a well-rounded work force.

2. Freelance

With the uncertainty around Brexit and how this could affect the global economy, it’s likely that there may be an increase in demand for freelance and interim PR in certain sectors of PR, rather than committing to hiring a permanent member of staff. 

If you’re thinking of hiring a freelancer, or going freelance yourself, make sure you’re clued up. Our day rate calculator is a useful tool to make sure you’re paying / being paid the right amount.

3. Culture is king

Now, more than ever, PR candidates are mentioning culture as a deciding factor in their job hunt. Given how much culture effects talent attraction, it’s important that PR employers are able to define their culture and give tangible examples of what it looks like. 

As a PR candidate, don’t be afraid to ask to meet more people in the team to get to know them better, and see the ‘office floor’ where you’d be working day to day. It’s better to know sooner rather than later whether you’re going to be a ‘fit’.

4. Ambition

PR professionals are becoming more ambitious and wanting to climb the PR ladder as quickly as possible. It’s one of the first questions PR candidate ask us about roles we’re recruiting – ‘what does the progression route look like?’. PR employers need to be prepared for this, and ensure they have procedures in place to develop their employees, so that they know they’re not going to stagnate. 

Similarly, as a PR professional, make sure you know what you need to do to hit your next promotional target, ensure its tangible and its being tracked, and when you’re interviewing, make sure that there’s room for professional development.

5. Benefits

Research conducted by Glassdoor last year revealed that 79% of employees would prefer better benefits than a pay rise. This is becoming all the more apparent in the PR world, with PR candidates actively seeking roles with a better benefits package.

PR employers need to consider this in order to attract and retain the best PR talent. There are many benefits that can be put in place at little to no cost to the employer, but that make a lot of difference to candidates.

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