Changing your PR career route? Read this first.

Decisions, decisions. Far too many PR professionals take the leap into a new PR job without properly considering all the options. If you're looking to change your PR job, read this first!

Posted by Alexandra Lewington, PR Recruiter, Friday August 12 2016

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Are you evaluating your PR career options whether that’s choosing your first job, changing industries, discipline or jumping from in house to agency side? The recruiters here at Reuben Sinclair encounter the same questions and concerns from PR candidates every day who are looking for the best advice to help them make the right decision on their next job. We’ve gathered all the questions our recruitment consultants receive from sales PR candidates and have summarised our advice to them below.  If you’re looking for comparisons of all the main elements of choosing the right PR job for you, then look no further.

In House vs Agency

  • Breadth/depth: Agency side, the breadth of clients you work on can give you the opportunity to gain a variety of experience – the business issues, target audiences and campaign focusses will be varied. However, in house whilst you typically don’t have the breadth of campaigns, you can go deeper into them, and really get under the skin of the brand.
  • Progression: Typically progression happens faster at an agency. This is because in house, you generally have to wait for the person above you to leave, as there a finite number of people working in internal PR teams. Whereas at an agency they’re always growing and winning new business, therefore more senior roles are created more frequently.
  • The team: Often in house PR teams are fairly small, and the rest of the company are unaware of what that team really does, which can leave you feeling quite alienated! In a PR agency, you’re a larger team, all doing a similar role, which influences comradery and team atmosphere.

Big vs Small

  • Responsibility: Being part of a small team usually means there are fewer people above you in the team hierarchy, and therefore you get more hands on responsibility. If there are lots of people in one team you can often find your voice doesn’t get heard and you’re unlikely to get the opportunity to take on responsibilities beyond your specific job spec.
  • Budgets and benefits: Sometimes being in a big company can mean they have more money set aside for things like training, socials and core HR benefits.
  • Team environment: Do you prefer being a big fish in a small pond, or a little fish in a big pond? Ultimately this comes down to a very personal preference – some people prefer being in small team where you know everyone personally and closely, whereas some people prefer being in a big company where they’re slightly more anonymous.

B2B vs B2C

  • Salary: Talent short industry sectors mean the candidates within them are in demand and are therefore of more value. Because generally B2C is more popular to work in, B2B candidates become more in demand, and therefore end up getting paid slightly more – plus you’ll never be short of job opportunities.
  • Campaign exposure: If you like to see your campaigns in every day press, consumer might be better for you. The likelihood of one of your friends hearing about a campaign you did that got coverage in a trade IT magazine is slim, whereas if it was mentioned in The Metro, you can bask in the glory!
  • *Misconceptions*: One thing to consider is that the line between B2B and B2C is getting ever blurred– now the industry talks about ‘People to People’, and B2B campaigns are using more and more consumer campaign tactics (e.g. influencer relations, stunts, social media), therefore the difference between the actual work you’re doing may not be as big as you think.

You have to work out what means the most to you, prioritise this and understand you may have to make sacrifices – no job is perfect. Always be looking ahead – sometimes you will have to make a strategic move into a job that ticks 7/10 boxes, to then be able to move to a job that ticks 9/10.

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