CEO Logistics: Our best application yet #SearchingForSanta

Reuben Sinclair's job role for Logistics CEO has been receiving fantastic applications, we felt that this cover letter deserved a share.

Posted by Hannah Hodgkinson, Marketing Manager, Tuesday December 8 2015

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Reuben Sinclair is recruiting for a very special position this festive season - Logistics CEO, job description can be found here.  We thought the below application had to be shared, as it displays great cover letter writing skills...


Dear Elves – Ho Ho Ho!

Ref – CEO – Logistics Company 

I have read, with increasing interest, the detailed job description for the role of CEO and am quite amazed to realise that I seem to possess all of the attributes. Hence I felt the irresistible need to alert you to my unique suitability for the role you are advertising.

Your Requirements             My Qualifications and Experience
Have impeccable attention to detail.        

My attention to dovetails borders on the obsessive …. and, at times the decidedly embarrassing.

Be used to working closely with animals.      

Did I mention the dovetails? I am also renowned as a stick insect gymnastic 5Trainer – which, as you know, is closely aligned with Reindeer Wrangling.

Have a passion for the company ethos and the festive season in particular.


I am passionately devoted to ethical giving at any time of the year and see Christmas as merely the apex of that particular Fir Tree.

Be available to work until the early hours of Christmas Day.      

I have previously been apprehended sneaking around in other people’s houses late at night. I am living proof that rehabilitation has its limitations.

Have a valid sleigh driver’s license.      

Now that the rather unfortunate misunderstanding with the Dog Sled Consortium has been settled I can confirm the validity of my current license. Endorsements Pending …?

I have no doubt that once you have had a chance to give my credentials even a cursory glance you will realise that I am the ideal candidate. So I am already pulling on my Best Black Boots.

In readiness for your imminent call I will also begin growing a suitable set of Wintry Whiskers.

You must have all been very good this year as you are about to get the very best Christmas present that anyone could dream of ……. ME!!

Looking forward to our Future Festivities,

Yours without Claus,

Peter Miles

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