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Reuben Sinclair has an award winning recruitment star! We're delighted to announce our wonderful Alexandra, has won the 'Best Permanent Recruitment Consultant' award at the 2016 Global Recruiter Awards.

Posted by Rohan Shah, Managing Director, Friday June 24 2016

Logo_Winner at Global Recruiter Awards 2016

We have a recruitment star in the office!  

Reuben Sinclair is delighted to announce that our Client Services Manager, Alexandra Lewington, has won the award for ‘Best Permanent Recruitment Consultant’ at the 2016 Global Recruiter Awards

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The judges awarded Alexandra based on her being “an exceptional biller with an impressive CV to interview ratio. Alexandra is a role model to other consultants, leading from the front, and giving back to the community as a key note speaker. Quoted as being a recruitment star.”

If you work in PR and Communications as a candidate or employer and would like to work with one of the recruitment industry’s finest then please contact Alexandra directly via the below:

0203 826 1222

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