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This blog has been written to give anyone who is considering a career in recruitment, Harriet Johnston - a Senior Recruitment Consultant gives a real insight into what it's like to work for a recruitment agency.

Posted by Harriet Johnston, Sales Recruiter, Monday April 18 2016

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Have you ever typed ‘Recruitment Consultants are’ into Google?

Recruitment Consultants Are ...

Lovely; it’s not how I like to think of myself or my colleagues but unfortunately it’s what some people think of us Recruiters. Recently a friend from my Netball Club found out I was a Recruiter, her reaction: ’Oh I would have never put you down as a Recruiter Harriet….you just don’t seem the type…you’re nice!’ Funnily enough, she had never used a Recruitment Agency; it was just the myths about the industry that caused her reaction.

I’ve been in the recruitment industry for over two years and can see why some people have this view, not all agencies share the same ethics and unfortunately the bad experiences people encounter can tarnish the work good agencies deliver – that’s why choosing the right agency is crucial when you’re looking to break into Recruitment.

As a Grad looking into a career in recruitment, I came across a lot of conflicting ‘truths.’ You read one article and you think it sounds like hell on earth, you read another and wonder why anyone would consider doing anything else. I went to interviews where I was told you would be richer than all your friends in two years, it’s really easy after one year, one guy was insistent in telling me how much he had earnt in his first year whilst flashing the Rolex bought with his second commission cheque…needless to say I don’t think I’d have lasted six months in that agency.

When you’re looking for a role in Recruitment, never underestimate the importance of choosing the right sector. I didn’t realise this at the time and yes of course (as most Grads do) I interviewed with IT, Finance, Media, Sales & Marketing agencies...basically anyone who wanted to interview me apart from a couple that were immediate no no’s! We advise Grads to meet with as many agencies as possible as you’ll then have a stronger understanding of what is going to be right for you. Just think, you’re going to be talking to these industry professionals and clients A LOT on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis so it certainly helps if you are interested in what you’re talking to them about and actually enjoy talking to them on a personal level.

Recruitment presents constant challenges, the key to succeeding and enjoying your work is to choose the agency that is right for you, this means considering the sector or sectors the agency operate in, how heavily KPI focused it is, the opportunities on offer and most importantly, the team. Personally, I would have left recruitment a long time ago if I had joined a boiler room environment which endorsed a ‘everyone out for themselves’ mentality. I’d probably have made more money yes but I wouldn’t have been happy and I probably would have started going grey….as it turns out I’m happily blonde and have no plans for that to change any time soon!

If you would like any advice or more insights into working in a recruitment agency like Reuben Sinclair, please get in touch.

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