6 reasons to work exclusively with a recruiter

Working exclusively with a recruitment agency may seem like putting all your eggs in one basket but in fact, with the right recruitment agency, it will save you time, money and hassle.

Posted by Rohan Shah, Marketing Recruiter, Friday April 8 2016

Blog - Reasons To Use A Recruiter Exclusively

When recruiting for a role, hiring managers using recruiters can suffer from being bombarded with hundreds of irrelevant CV's and being hassled daily by different recruiters.  It may seem like a good idea to send a vacancy brief to lots of recruiters and let them fight it out to find you the best candidate quickly but in reality this approach isn't the most efficient way to find you the right candidate. In fact, it can have an adverse effect on your hiring process and may actually slow things down. Here are six reasons why you should consider working with one recruiter exclusively.

  1. You will get the full commitment from the chosen recruiter to fill your role.  Recruitment agencies work with a lot of clients on a contingency basis and if a role is proving difficult for whatever reason; it's far too easy for them to focus on roles where placements/more money are easier to make. That's not to say that if they hadn't put a little extra effort - they wouldn't have found your ideal candidate - the likelihood is they would have. Simply put, the recruiter will go where money can be made or where they have sole commitment from a trusting client...and trust me, they would much prefer the latter. 
  2. The confidentiality of the role you are recruiting for is maintained and your brand remains as you want it. Using multiple recruiters means the role and your brand being bounded around numerous recruiters who will all be using the same job boards and channels to find the talent for you.  This is especially sensitive for third sector organisations.  As for the communication of your Brand - Working with one recruiter will lead to one message that is easily controlled by you, working with multiple agencies will lead to inconsistent messaging - Guaranteed.
  3. The responsibility of the recruitment process is transferred to the recruitment agency you choose creating a much higher level of accountability. If they don't deliver then you actually have someone to hold accountable. Far too often multiple recruiters don't actually deliver on one role (for many of the reasons mentioned in this post) and the client is left scratching their head thinking they must have a vacancy that is impossible to fill. Working with recruiters on a contingency basis doesn't deliver great results as it's likely your position will be prioritised behind clients that they are working with on an exclusive basis.
  4. You will develop a relationship with the recruiter in a much shorter time period which will ultimately lead to better CV's and hires quicker that are more of a cultural fit for your company.  
  5. The proportion of time in the hiring process that is dedicated to the interview section can be extended and more thorough due to reduced time in having to find strong candidates. The exclusive recruiter will not send through irrelevant CV's. The more time hiring managers can spend interviewing the candidate, the higher the retention rate.
  6. Working with a recruiter on a long term basis will lead to extra benefits like video CVs and interviews, competency and psychometric test tools and flexible payments.  These extras are often given to exclusive clients for free or at a dramatic discount.

This approach has helped our clients by saving them from recruitment headaches and we are now considered an extension of their organisation or HR team.  If you would like any advice on how to go about choosing the right recruitment partner for your organisation, please do get in touch.

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