5 ways to use Twitter to find talented candidates

Use all the networks you have to find candidates for the roles you are currently recruiting for. These tips should help hiring managers reach people through twitter.

Posted by Alexandra Lewington, PR recruiter, Thursday January 21 2016

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I work for a London based PR recruitment agency and we have recently been using our company Twitter account to get more candidate leads for the PR jobs we work on.  We have been seeing success through being consistent with the below steps so thought we would share the love and help hiring managers out with what has been working for us.

1. Add job specific hashtags, this may be an obvious one but including hashtags such as #job #jobvacancy #career #hiring will at least make sure you show up in the right searches.  To get the biggest reach on hashtags you can use handy tools such as Hashtagify to find the most popular hashtags.

2. Add a link to the job you are promoting.  Most social media management tools will shorten these links for you as they can be really long, if you need to shorten a link then I recommend using to shorten and track links.  Twitter was recently been in the news for announcing that a new product is in production that will allow users to tweet over the 140 character limit so this won’t be such a big problem in the future.

3. Hashtag role specifics.  Make sure you hone in on the absolute musts of the role you are advertising, if you leave your post with only job specific hashtags as mentioned before then you will show up in searches from all over of the place and to people with irrelevant experience.  If your role is based in Oxford then use #Oxford as a hashtag and if the role requires a specific skill then hashtag this too e.g. #javascript #frenchspeaking    

4. Always include a call to action otherwise people are likely to continue to scroll right past you, this could be as simple as click the link or email us here or call us.

5. Add an image.  It’s proven that social posts get a higher engagement when a relevant image is included.  Whether this is a picture of the team or offices, an assortment of the logos of the companies you work with or even a graphic or meme - it’s definitely worth doing.

I hope these steps are useful to any hiring managers out there who have access to the company twitter account.

If you’d like to connect with us on Twitter then please do or contact us for informal advice on your digital recruitment strategy.

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