5 Reasons You Are Not Attracting The Right Senior Creative Agency Talent

In a highly competitive, candidate-led market where every employer is desperate to get their hands on the best talent available, the pressure to make a good impression during the hiring process doesn't just rest with the candidate. The hiring organisation also needs to appeal with the right employer brand and a positive recruitment experience from the outset. 


There are plenty of simple mistakes that businesses make when hiring, and these errors can damage their brand. Thankfully, with a bit of forethought,  these mistakes can be easily avoided. 


#1 Not enough information in job adverts 


A job advert is your chance to make an excellent first impression with a potential candidate.    Job adverts shouldn’t simply be a copy and paste of the job description but rather an overview of the job description, with a full emphasis on why it’s a great place to work – it needs to stand out above the rest and a simple job description wont cut it. 

Highlight your Employee Value Proposition and clarify salary, benefits and flexible/hybrid working arrangements.  This will allow candidates to see how competitive your role is given the current market and if it appeals to their goals and aspirations. 


#2 Not having a solid company brand 


Whilst your advert is designed to attract the best candidates for your role, you need to clarify what they can expect from you in return.  Having a strong company brand, which you have been working on beforehand, is a great way to encourage people to apply for your roles. 

It should be easy for candidates to find out more about you – there should be lots of relevant information on your website, including a strong About Us page and details of your core values.  Ensure your social media accounts are up to date and encourage existing staff to share their thoughts and feelings about working within your organisation. 


#3 Lack of information on progression 


In more cases than not, the individuals applying for your position will be looking for an advancement in their careers.  People rarely change roles purely because of the potential for a pay rise; instead, they are focused on the opportunity to learn new skills, develop their portfolios or work on larger scale projects. 

It’s therefore vital that you make it clear what opportunities may be available to them in the future within your organisation.  Do you have a history of promoting within?  Is it possible for them to advance further from their current position, or realistically, will they be looking for another employer in a few years?  Having this information to hand from the beginning helps attract candidates who are serious about their career paths. 


#4 A poorly managed interview process 


It doesn’t matter how good your job advert is, nor the wealth of information you provide candidates with if you’re going to subject them to a lengthy interview process.  Realistically, it shouldn’t take you more than two interviews to establish the best hire for your position.  Drawing it out any further will be costly and time-consuming for your business, as well as increase the possibility of candidate drop-out. 


#5 Not developing a network of potential candidates 


The best candidate for your open position may not be currently job seeking.  If you haven’t developed a strong network full of potential candidates, there’s every chance you’re missing out on the perfect fit for your organisation.  One of the best ways to do this is to keep the details, with permission, of anyone who has not been successful in securing a job previously with you.  Perhaps they were not suitable for one role, but this doesn’t mean they won’t be ideal for another position two years down the road. 

These are just some prominent areas in which candidates - and talented individuals in the marketplace considering their next move - can be put off by your organisation and decide to go and work elsewhere. 


Getting better results from your talent management strategy 


For senior creative staff, a bespoke talent management strategy is a wise investment and one that considers all candidate touchpoints, your engagement and networking methods, your recruitment processes and the strength of your employer brand. 

Reuben Sinclair can help your creative agency improve your hiring outcomes for senior positions and secure the right talent fit for your organisation. Contact us in the first instance to find out more and discuss your needs on a confidential basis.