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Posted by Alexandra Lewington, Head of PR Recruitment, Friday February 4 2022

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2022 PR & Communications Salary Guide Summary

Download a copy of Reuben Sinclair's 2022 Salary Guide now

Proudly recognised as ‘SME’s Recruitment Agency of the Year’ and Talent Partner to the PRCA, Reuben Sinclar’s 2022 PR Salary Guide is the perfect tool to gain insight into market trends and salaries across the PR and Communications Industry.

You will find the numbers you need in our 2022 Salary Guide when it comes to staffing PR & Communications positions that are critical to your business. But it doesn't stop there. Every day, we help leaders improve how their teams function from the inside out - advising them on how to maximise their impact and achieve meaningful change.

You can use our Salary Guide to:

  •  Develop an understanding of the low, mid, and high ranges of 30 #PR&Comms positions
  • Attract and retain #talent
  • Gain insights into the most popular #employeebenefits and common trends within the job market
  • Identify key factors to help build a more inclusive and diverse organisation 

If you require any further information you can contact us directly but if you want to download a copy of our 2022 PR & Communications Salary Guide, please click the link below. 

Download a copy of our PR & Communciations Salary Guide here

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