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Posted by Alexandra Lewington, Head of PR Recruitment, Wednesday February 10 2021

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2021 PR & Communications Salary Guide Summary

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Proudly recognised as ‘SME’s Recruitment Agency of the Year’ and Talent Partner to the PRCA, Reuben Sinclar’s 2021 PR Salary Guide is the perfect tool to gain insight into market trends and salaries across the PR and Communications Industry after a year to forget in 2020. Beyond this, we look towards a hopefully post-lockdown future and what that means for employers and employees in the world of Public Relations. 

Our Guide begins by exploring hot-topic trends as a result of Covid-19 with the most immediate being a loss of earnings for a significant number of employees as a result of furlough, pay cuts and bonuses withdrawn. The one upside of these measures is that many employers were able to protect their employees until the economy and work requirements recovered although as our 2021 Public Relations Salary Guide shows, some employers clearly failed to meet employee’s expected levels of care during the pandemic and our guide discusses the impact that is now having on businesses.

Additionally, the past year has seen businesses adapt to fully remote levels of working. As the road to recovery approaches, businesses are exploring hybrid models in the attempt to please employees wishing to return to the office whilst maintaining balance with the desire for those that enjoy the remote working. 

Looking beyond the negative impact of pay-cuts and furlough, new benefits offered by employers are outlined and include but are not limited to: mental health support, child-care assistance and ‘WFH’ allowances alongside some more traditional expectations. 

The topic of mental health is more relevant than ever and our guide looks at potential knock-on effects to work-life and progress at work. The pandemic has clealry had an exhaustive impact upon many employees, and our guide highlights the difficulties this poses with not being able to visit the office.

As always, the Reuben Sinclair 2021 PR & Comms Salary Guide explores Agency, In-House and Freelance salary evaluations encompassing Consumer, Tech, Healthcare, Financial, Public Affairs etc. Our comprehensive salary table accounts for entry level positions right through to director level so whether you're benchmarking yourself, planning a career move in 2021 or hplanning hiring for a business, our PR Salary Guide should be able to help. 

After a year to forget, the future in 2021 is a lot brighter for the UK PR and Communications sector as the rebound of the economy kicks into effect. If you require any further information you can contact us directly but if you want to download a copy of our 2021 PR & Communications Salary Guide, please click the link below. 

Download a copy of our PR & Communciations Salary Guide here


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