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Posted by Neil Grant, Head of Digital & Marketing Recruitment, Wednesday February 17 2021

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2021 Digital & Marketing Salary Guide Summary 

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In the past year, we have seen the catastrophic global effects the pandemic has had on people as well as businesses. From a work perspective however, it isn’t all bad news and where profitability problems have arisen, surprisingly, a new way of working has been discovered. 

The digital and marketing industry is at the forefront of the economy and even cutting-edge businesses within this space have had to re-design and re-invent themselves in many areas of their operations. With remote and hybrid working environments seen to be here to stay, these new ways of workings have enabled organisations to widen and diversify their talent pools (all from the comfort of their homes).

Although job opportunities are opening up as the market takes its first steps to recovery, it is interesting to see 75% of employers reported they were not looking to increase salaries this year. However, as the bounceback takes effect and with the battle for talent already in exces of pre-Covid levels, can this be a reality? COVID19 obviously created economic uncertainty so it is no surprise that internal digital and marketing budgets were scrutinised more than ever – but the reality is that the best talent is more in demand than ever before and many salaries that have been frozen in 2020, already need re-examining in 2020.   

From the Tech, healthcare and professional services industries booming as a result of the pandemic, the travel, tourism and hospitality industry have undoubtedly seen better days. As the doors start re-opening for many sectors though, it is important to note that the UK will see an increase in demand for digital and marketing professionals who can deliver insight from data and maximise budgets creatively. This is of particular significance given that more UK business is being conducted online than ever before and is set to stay this way.  

With millions of employers nationally taking advantage of the government’s Furlough Scheme, this has allowed businesses to retain their talent for when times of uncertainty clear. However, this employee protection has not been entirely successful due to the impending Furlough Effect. No company would have anticipated that employees who have experienced sustained periods of Furlough are now choosing to seek new job opportunities elsewhere. Hence, it is now more important than ever that employers keep their teams engaged and are alert to the huge increase in businesses hiring. At Reuben Sinclair our current client hiring projects are at a higher demand than even pre-Covid.

Another hot topic is an emphasis on employees’ mental health. Now that working from home has blurred out the separation of life and work, organisations have seen a dramatic increase in employees’ stress and anxiety levels. In order to mitigate this, it is vital for companies to be one step ahead of any job uncertainty or strains through improved communication and engagement. 

Following a turbulent 2020, this new year is filled with new prospects and opportunities; but don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at our digital and marketing salary guide to see more of these latest trends and insights for 2021. Here, you will find out just how much light there is at the end of the tunnel. Outlined in the report are the benefits and salaries for various digital and marketing roles, providing you with relevant information to progress your career and/or hire the best talent to ensure work excellence.

Download a copy of our 2021 Digital & Marketing Salary Guide here

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