2017 Digital Marketing Salary Survey

Reuben Sinclair's 2016 - 2017 Digital Marketing Salary Survey and Job Market Review is here! This is a comprehensive summary of 2016 and what can be expected of 2017.

Posted by Neil Grant, Head of Digital, Friday January 20 2017

Digital Marketing Salary Survey

2016 was a rollercoaster year filled with political shocks, economic volatility and fascinating advancements in technology, but how has the digital marketing job market fared in this evolving landscape? Despite the rise of ad blocking, digital advertising spend in the UK hit a record £8.61bn. This was spurred on by a 12% increase in the number of internet connected devices per UK home, which rose up to 8.3 per household. So, the demand for digital marketing specialists is higher than ever.

In the digital agency world, the top five agencies by fee income accounted for 34% of the entire income of the top 100 highest earning agencies combined. Amongst these five big players that are driving growth are three management consultancies – IBM, Deloitte Digital and Accenture Interactive. These consultancies have combined a focus on business results with agency innovation and digital transformation to become leading players in the digital agency world. 

2016 also saw the UK vote to leave the EU in a historic referendum. The impending Brexit poses a number of questions – will a rise in inflation and a decrease in consumer spending have a detrimental effect on digital ad spend? Conversely, a reduction in ad spend on traditional mediums such as TV and print could mean more money is allocated to cost effective digital channels where ROI can easily be tracked. If the UK opts for a ‘hard Brexit’ then the UK digital industry would be hampered in its ability to attract overseas talent, exacerbating the current skills shortage in the booming digital sector.

2016 also saw Donald Trump defy the pollsters to win the US presidential election. Those who were closely monitoring social media metrics might not have been surprised by the result, as they would have seen Trump clock up 16.3 million likes and loves of his content in the final week leading up to voting day, compared to 13.1 million for Hillary Clinton.

The rise of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and wearable technology has increased the way that marketers can interact with customers and collect data. The unprecedented success of Pokémon GO was viewed as a game changer for augmented reality (AR), and brands will undoubtedly now be looking at how they can utilise the latest AR technologies in marketing initiatives.  

In 2016, brands have been increasingly looking to take marketing functions in-house instead of using agencies. Especially at a senior level, there has been a noticeable movement of agency talent to client side. However, digital agencies are also evolving and using data to improve customer experience. Content continues to be a key growth area, with agencies bolstering their content expertise through acquisition, or rebranding themselves as specialist ‘content marketing agencies’.

Download the 2016 - 2017 Digital Marketing Salary Survey and Job Market Review to find out what we learnt from 2016 and what can be expected from 2017.

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